Dynamic Duo

The iPOP! Modeling & Talent Convention recognizes Teyah Vollendroff and Trey Payne as Miss and Mr. iPOP!


The iPOP! Modeling & Talent Convention and it plethora of talent, agents, scouts, and managers arrived in Los Angeles in search of the top new faces to grace magazines, worldwide fashion runways and screens both big and small. Actors, dancers, singers. models and more were on the stages and runways of iPOP! in the hopes of catching the attention of those who could make their dream a reality.

Throughout the week of presentations, seminars, boot camps, and more, special attention was paid to the attendees by those looking for extraordinary performances. With hundreds of talent in attendance, it was an unenviable process, but one that would result in the recognition of two outstanding individuals.

Following all the competitions, and the spectacular call-back sessions, Teyah Vollendroff and Trey Payne were recognized with the titles of Miss and Mr. iPOP! for their commitment to their crafts and recognizable star power.

Pageantry magazine recently spoke with Teyah and Trey about their positive experience at iPOP! and what the unexpected titles mean to them.

Pageantry magazine:
What interested you most about attending the iPOP! Modeling and Talent Convention?

Trey Payne:
Well, for me it was that the opportunity was so great. iPOP! was able to give me a boost. If I didn’t do iPOP, I wouldn’t be right here.

Teyah Vollendroff:
Basically, my interest in iPOP! was having to do with the fact my brother did it. I thought it would be super cool if I got Miss iPOP! and we were kind of like a brother sister duo in a way.

Is there a memory that stands out from attending the convention?

I would say honestly, the whole entire thing just comes back to mind. There’s not one specific memory that just bursts out because the whole event was so fun. Every single day was a great memory. Every second I got to meet new people, including Teyah. It was an experience of a lifetime, so only good memories.

I agree with Trey. I remember most of it, but I think one distinctive memory I remember the most would be during the talent showcase. I was walking down, my brother went with me, and at the end he started bawling.



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