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In a Prom Panic?    Hair's Help

Five simple ways to head off disasters on your big night.

Prom Hair Styles by Kristianna Nichols

1. Hold blow dryer at least 4 inches from your hair.
For extra shine, deep condition once a week.
Use small amounts of products; too much will weigh hair down.
4. Sleep on satin! Satin pillowcases won't ruin your style.

For Prom or Mom...

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Isn't it amazing what can happen on prom night... just when you think you've thought of everything... BOOM... a bad hair day! Are you the type to panic? If so, here are a few ways to avoid a hair disaster on your big night.

First of all, liven up your evening with a fresh, flirty, flop-proof look. Finding the one that is right for you is quite simple. Is your face round, oval, square or heart shaped? Knowing what styles look best on you are key. Now ask yourself, "What type of hair do I have?" Is it coarse, fine, curly, or straight? Are you looking to wear your hair "down and trendy" or "up and formal?"

Now that you know what your options are, it's easier to make your "prom" choice. If you live where it is rainy or humid, an "updo" is your better choice, because you can add extra pins, barrettes, gel, etc. If the climate is mild, either up or down do's will work.

My three "prom queens" each have very different hair types. Sarah has full, layered hair. Elizabeth has lots of long, fine hair with highlights. And Kandace has thick, full hair that tends to frizz in humidity.

Take this advice and add it to your own tastes. Always look in the mirror and see what the complete "package" looks like. Be honest with yourself! If the "trend" doesn't look good on you, try something else! There is a "perfect" look out there that flatters your body, face and hair type.

Curly Hair style
1 Nothing is more romantic than curls!

This all-American cutie will dazzle the crowd by simply turning up the glamour with volume and texture. Just remove curlers, let cool, then finger-comb through hair. Give an extra lift to thick, heavy hair just pulling up sides (loosely) and securing. This soft and dreamy "coif" will last well into the evening (if it's not raining).
2 Now let's say it's a downpour!

Your date is going to pick you up in ten minutes. Don't panic! There is a quick but ultra-chic way to look charming even in the worst of weather. Just lift it up, slick it back (with gel) and make it gorgeous with great makeup. Sarah's hair looks sensational in a sleek high ponytail that is loosely tucked into a "waterfall" bun.
Rainy Day style
Long Hair style 1
3 Elizabeth's long hair is "viva la femme!"

It's healthy and easy to style. It holds curl and can be piled high without lot of fuss. It's a traditional "updo" with a feminine flair. From the front it gives the illusion of a bun, from the sides and back all you see are cascading curls. That's also how you create this look. Pull the front half of your hair into a ponytail and flip it forward. Secure into bun. Lift the remaining hair and clip curls as close to the bun as possible.
4 A more casual statement.

For the girl who wants to take a less formal approach this season, try this new multi-level style. Elizabeth has three separate looks going on. Why choose if you don't have to! Her long hair is "ironed" straight and parted in the middle. She twisted the two front pieces (shorter bangs) into a clip in back. Brilliantly placed curls add softness to this look. Her fine hair is made fabulous by combining different "do's."
Long Hair style #2
Quick Experimental hairdo
5 Don't be afraid to experiment!

You can look as perfect as Kandace all through the evening with this "do-it-yourself" style. Kandace's hair tends to have a mind of its own. So our goal was to make her ultimate style last. We have uncovered her beauty (and cheekbones) with this classic but contemporary flair. Her hair is placed into two high ponytails, then individually curled and pinned towards the center part.

Models: Sarah Wiley, Elizabeth Boles and Kandace Sumpter
Photographers: Jim Yee and J.C. Adkins
Hair, makeup and gowns: Kristianna's Design House

Kristianna Nichols is one of the country's new beauty experts. She is a former Mrs. America, NFL cheerleader, professional model and commercial actress. Kristianna has had her own TV talk show and was a popular entertainment reporter for the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis before moving to Vail, Colorado. She has hosted many TV shows, from Mainstreet USA to On The Move. She is the president and CEO of Noble Tress beauty company and the inventor of "Kristianna's Crown."

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