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Pageantry Web Q&A Contest

Next Question to be
posted in early September

Thank you for your submissions. Stay tuned for our next question and send us your answers and let us know what you think. Winning submisssions may be published in the next edition of Pageantry magazine and if your answer is published, you will be awarded with a prize from the Pageantry mall.  You might just see yourself in the pages of your favorite magazine, Pageantry! Don't forget to email your photo.



The answers judged best by the Pageantry staff may appear in the next issue of Pageantry magazine. Also, once you complete and send the contest form below, please use your e-mail program to send a head shot of yourself. To do so, create a new e-mail, add the digital photo as an attachment, type your name and copy and paste your answer in the body of the e-mail, and don't forget to enter the words "web contest photo" in the Subject field. Send your e-mail to  Good luck! We'll choose the best responses for publication in Pageantry magazine.

Published winners will each receive a very special gift from the all new Pageantry Mall.

Let Pageantry know what YOU think.
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