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Isn't It Ionic

When you think cutting-edge technology, beauty isn't the first thing that pops into your head. But when it comes to combining ionic and ceramic technology, the conclusion is beautiful hair.

Makeup by Ernie McCraw

Sally Ionic products photoThe beauty industry has discovered the benefits of combining these technologies. When ionic and ceramic tools and products are used together they create hair that is smoother, straighter and shinier. Under runway lights the hair shines and reflects the light for the best look with the least pampering.

Ions are electrically charged molecules that exist naturally in the atmosphere. Negatively charged ions assist in breaking down water molecules into micro-fine particles. Ionic tools contain a built-in generator that creates a steady stream of negatively charged ions so hair can dry faster. These negatively charged ions also smooth and close the hair cuticle, leaving hair shiny and frizz-free.

Ceramics have revolutionized heat styling tools. Ceramic surfaces provide superior heat distribution, eliminating hot spots. When introduced to heat, ceramics emit ion reflectives (negatively charged ions emitted from the ceramic plate when introduced to heat) that help breakdown bacteria to help renew the vitality of the hair.
With science comes solutions. Check out these high-tech methods for beating frizz and achieving smoother, shinier hair.

There are a number of ways to combine these technologies to achieve the look you want. All of them leave hair shiny, smooth and beautiful.

The brushes and straightening irons are available in the general market. They probably will not be found at the local drug store, but several professional beauty supplies carry these brands and they can be ordered online as well.

Here are two step-by-step ways to combine ionic and ceramic products and get ahead of the crowd.


Start with anti-frizz shampoo and towel-dry. Spritz straightening serum evenly on the hair, then dry thoroughly with the ionic dryer. Divide the hair into two-inch sections. Using the ceramic straightening iron or ceramic flat iron, begin to straighten the hair. Place the iron near the scalp and gently pull it to the ends. It may be necessary to repeat this step for curly or coarse hair. Finish the look with glosser for a high-gloss shine, and then brush it through.


Again, start with anti-frizz shampoo and towel-dry until hair is damp. Spray hair with leave-in conditioner. Straightening serum can be used if hair is extra curly. Divide hair into two-inch sections. Placing the ceramic round brush underneath the hair, begin to blow dry while slowly brushing through the hair. If your ionic dryer has one, use its concentrator to make this process easier. Remember to keep the dryer about one inch from the hair. To avoid tangling, don't roll the hair around the brush more than once. The round brush allows you to shape the hair by turning the ends up, under, or to brush it out perfectly straight. Finish the look by putting a few drops of shiner in the palm of your hand and lightly smooth it through the hair.


Ernie McCraw is director of beauty education for Sally Beauty Company, the world's largest distributor of professional beauty products. A licensed cosmetologist for more than 30 years, he is a frequent contributor of beauty advice to newspapers and national fashion and beauty magazines.


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