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Summer Beauty — Making It Happen

Little adjustments can lead to big improvements. Turn same-old looks into sunny new styles with these hot tips.

Hair Styles by Kristianna Nichols

Nothing will revive you from the winter blues more than the glorious warmth of summer. Old habits bring old results. Try these fresh new beauty tips, update your wardrobe, and add color to your life. Small changes make a big difference in fashion, beauty, and attitude.

1. Turn those quiet summer nights into hours of fun with a fabulous "flip trip."

We added "salsa" to Nancy's look with this shaggy bob. It's incredibly hip and amazingly sassy. The texture and color of her hair was a golden opportunity to frame a great face and give her that "subtle standout" look. Her shorter bangs and lots of layers add depth and movement. This feathery cut is a great way to turn drab to fab this summer.

Shaggy bob hair style
TIP: If your hair is past your shoulders, it tends to drag the face down. If you want to look younger, cut your hair above the shoulders.

long, straight hair
2. Long, straight, healthy hair is a classic no matter what season. 

We brightened up Megan's mane with multicolored highlights. The color was added onto the front and center for that "sun-kissed" look. Her bangs are softly clipped up and away from her face to make her thick, shiny hair more comfortable during the hot, casual days of summer. This style is just plain pretty!


TIP: Switch to a shampoo that is low-sudsing; it keeps your hair from drying out. Always follow with a moisture-rich conditioner.

3. Ponytails and pigtails are two "funky" solutions for a day at the pool, beach, or detouring a "bad-hair" day.

Rachel turned up the heat with this "ponytail pull-through." Her severe center-part adds sleekness to this playful "do." She is cutting edge with her full head of golden highlights and "far out" fringed flips. This style is darling, wet or dry!

Ponytail hair style
TIP: When you highlight, make sure the colors you choose are natural and have a softness about them.

blunt-cut style

4. Charlotte is adorable with her pencil-straight hair but wanted something different this summer.

We turn her into a beautiful blond angel. Her hair was blunt-cut just below her shoulders and parted down the center to "show off" her playful smile. Then we simply set it in hot benders, cooled it, and finger-tossed it for a "curly and cute" coif. Charlotte loves butterflies, so we added butterfly clips to keep her hair from falling into her face.

TIP: Make a change. If you wear a center part, simply switch to a side part. If you already wear a side part, switch sides.

5. A great straw hat does wonders for Tricia's hair, skin, and scalp when she's outside.

It protects them from sun damage while still looking fashionable. There are other creative ways to reduce sun damage to your hair. Slick it back with a mixture of gel and diluted sunscreen. Simply wrap ends into a low chignon for a sleek look or pull into a high ponytail for a more playful style.

Hat hair style
TIP: Your hair can lose its shine not just from age but from the sun, chemicals, and stress. Put that shine back into your locks with shine-enhancing products: a serum for thick hair and a lightweight spray-on for thin hair.
Whether you choose to be curl-crazy, funky and full, or sleek and sassy this season, make sure your hair is healthy, shiny, and updated. There is nothing more alluring than a hair style with lots of bounce and movement. Add a natural glow to your face with bronzer and put your best "self" forward. Remember: Small changes make a big difference!
Models: Nancy Hanson, Megan O'Rourke,
Charlotte Adkins, and Tricia Ellis
Photos, hair, make-up and wardrobe: Kristianna's Design House
Kristianna Nichols is one of the country's new beauty experts. She is a former Mrs. America, NFL cheerleader, professional model and commercial actress. Kristianna has had her own TV talk show and was a popular entertainment reporter for the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis before moving to Vail, Colorado. She has hosted many TV shows, from Mainstreet USA to On The Move. She is the president and CEO of Noble Tress beauty company and the inventor of "Kristianna's Crown."

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