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Prom Makeovers

Prom Looks to Emphasize Your Personality.

Prom Makeup Tips
Looking for Clear Skin?

I need help for the prom! Let me introduce you to four girls who came seeking help. Each had a different but common problem, and all wanted make-overs that would assure they'd look great for the prom in a way that matched their distinctive personalities. The first thing I did was consult hairstylist Silvia Cocca of New York, with 21 years of experience, to work with me to help solve some of their problems. One or more of these solutions may be good for you too:

Ashley Makeup PicASHLEY: Beautiful, Blond, and Bashful

Ashley has already done some modeling and would like to enter a pageant someday, but she says her face is always a different color than her neck. She says that no matter what she puts on or how she wears her hair, her facial color seems to stand out.

There are some difficult meeting problems in life. But the face-meets-the-neck problem isn't hard to solve. First, make sure you're using a foundation in your general color range and that it's a high-quality formula you can count on to last. Second, apply your foundation under your neck, and even down your neck if you have to. Then powder your face and neck for a good finish. What a difference a little extra foundation can do. With this simple technique, Ashley's face stands out for the right reason ó because it's gorgeous.

Melanie Makeup PicMELANIE: Exquisite and Adventuresome Personality

Melanie graduated from Barbizon modeling school in New Jersey. She's done some modeling, loves it, and wants to do more. Recently, though, she had to deal with some acne breakout and realized that this is something that often happens when she's planning something big.

Is Melanie the victim of an ancient family curse? Okay, that's a little melodramatic, but her ancestors may really be to blame. Some people do tend to break out when under stress. It's genetic. Or maybe Melanie is getting smacked around by Murphy's Law (anything that can go wrong, will). Either way, if you share Melanie's problem, the first step in a long-term solution is to keep your skin as clean as possible. Beyond that, see a dermatologist to determine what other steps are right for your skin.

But you're not thinking long term when the prom is tomorrow night and the breakout is now. Has anybody told you to cover it up with white highlighter? If so, forget it right now. Throw it in the waste basket of bad advice along with "you can get through any dance if you know how to two-step and waltz" and "don't let a boy know you're smart." The white will only turn your regular blemishes into ghostly blemishes, making them stand out and look weird.

Instead, select a good cake foundation with great coverage. Smooth it on evenly. Apply the rest of your makeup to accent your eyes, lips, and hair. Suddenly the temporary problem is temporarily gone. Wow! What a difference; you hardly notice a thing!

Kayla Makeup PicKAYLA: Vivacious and Intellectual

Kayla is a recent modeling-school graduate who likes her freckles but sometimes wishes they wouldn't be so obvious. She feels like they often trap her in a rut of the same look and the same few colors.

Some people have advised Kayla to use a lot of bronzer and make them all blend together. That's silly. For one thing, she could get the same result wearing a hollowed out pumpkin over her head. For another, she wants to be able to moderate her freckles, not turn her whole face into a single giant one.

My advice is to use a rose-toned foundation and blend it in evenly. It won't hide the freckles, but it will tone them down enough to allow an elegant or glamorous look. Besides, Kayla is a true natural beauty, and we don't want to interfere with that. And even if many won't admit it, there are a vast number of guys who truly believe that the addition of freckles to a pretty face is an even greater enhancement to the condition of the universe than the addition of chicken wings to football. Honest!

Ravayna Makeup PicRAVAYNA: Angelic Beauty with an Elegant Personality

Ravayna has won pageants from Switzerland to continents unknown. Yet she's never satisfied with pictures of herself. She feels they always make her look like she has dark circles around her eyes and a mustache. She sure doesn't want the problem to reappear in her prom pictures!

Here's the great thing about makeup: it sticks to your skin to help you look your best. Here's the bad thing about makeup: it sticks to your hair and that otherwise invisible peach fuzz. Here's the great thing about photographs: they show everyone how beautiful you are. Here's the bad thing about photographs: cameras don't see exactly the same way the eye does. So those fine cosmetic-coated hairs that would otherwise never be noticed jump out from a picture. Similarly, dry skin around the eyes can discolor in a way that the eye doesn't notice but the camera does. Life isn't fair that way, but if it were easy to look your most glamorous, we wouldn't give prizes for it, would we?

The good news is that these common problems are particularly easy to solve when you're young. The best solution is to attack them at the root (pun not intended, but I'll keep it anyway) and have the fine hair removed around the mouth. Even the most cantankerous camera can't see it if it's not there. Then keep the skin moisturized so no discoloration develops. (Okay, I admit, that pun was intentional.) Ravayna's problem is solved, and she is beautiful.

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