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Ten Years of Tying The Knot

Mrs. Globe celebrates its pageant decade with a posh event that unites its U.S. and international stars.

By Krista Napolitano
Actress Alyssa Milano

MRS. GLOBE TOP 5: (Top, L-R) 1st Runner-up Areena Askvereli (Republic of Georgia), 4th Runner-up Mariam Areton (Phillippines), 2nd Runner-up, Jenni Nielikainen (Finland), Mrs. Globe 2005 Rosa Terenzio (Venezuela), and 3rd Runner-up Tatyana Liskina (Turkey). Inset: Mrs. Globe 2005 Rosa Terenzio. MRS. U.S. GLOBE TOP 5: (Above,L-R) 4th Runner-up Tracy Rodgers (Canyon States), 3rd Runner-up Rachelle Joseph (UT), 1st Runner-up Laura Slifer (Rocky Mountain), Mrs. U.S. Globe 2005 Christy Stucker (KY), and 2nd Runner-up Lisa Niewolny (IL). Inset: Mrs. U.S. Globe 2005 Christy Stucker.

The elegant 10th birthday celebration of both the Mrs. Globe and Mrs. U.S. Globe pageants, held in Rancho Mirage, California, reveled in the spirit of luxury, with a “Classic Hollywood Glamour” theme that attracted contestants and an audience from throughout the country as well as around the globe to the famed Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa.
Both pageants were presented on the same stage in order to unite the American and international delegates. When the international contingents had all arrived, the U.S. delegates were there to greet them with a “Welcome to the USA” party. This poolside bash was a California-casual way for the women to meet and relax after their long journey to Rancho Mirage. The next night brought a celebration of Bulgaria, the home of Mrs. Globe 2004 Rumyana Marinova. As host of the evening, Rumyana welcomed her guests to the 10th year celebration, displaying all the beauty and grace that had made her a highly successful global beauty queen.
The chic sponsors’ bash, called the “White Party,” was held several days before the final event. As guests arrived dressed in cocktail white, they found the dance floor lit with black lights and draped with white linen blowing in the warm breeze, reminiscent of Greece in the summertime. The black-tie Globe Awards were held the next night in the formal ballroom. The women received awards based on their beauty, character, and accomplishments. Also among the award recipients were the cosmetic dentists, who raise money year-round to support the Women In Need (WIN) Foundation, an abuse-recovery outreach program, which is the official charity of Mrs. Globe.
The final evening was elegant in every sense of the word. Thick gold drapes and gold urns with white feathers lent the feeling of a glamorous 1940s evening. The event opened with “Marilyn” in her white gown performing a breathy rendition of her classic “Happy Birthday” song — except the lyrics she sang were “Happy Birthday, Mrs. Globe.”
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