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Knowledge is power by Tisha Savage

Believe it or not, everything you need to be a top titleholder, model or actor all involves the same characteristics. Everyone is looking for the “it factor” in crowning a new queen, casting a role for a lead in their next film or showcasing their designs by wowing buyers with that star model. To have “it,” you really need to have the complete package.

Training, practice, taking care of your body, having a great image, getting good sleep before a booking or casting, staying healthy, knowing your industry, and being able to constantly sell yourself is just the tip of it.

Of course, there are different nuances to each industry. One major difference between pageantry and modeling is focus. Pageantry is totally focused on you, while modeling is focusing on your ability to sell the product. In acting, you can be the star of the film, but still need to follow the vision of the director and it’s ensemble. It is very simple to accomplish your goals if you are ready at all times.

In everything that you do, you are applying for a job. The client wants you to represent them to your fullest potential by showing them in the best light. So you wouldn’t show up to a job with chipped finger nails, a run in your hose, empty-handed or on no rest, would you? Don’t laugh, because this has happened.

You are also representing your agent, the film, the designer or even your pageant system when you are on a job or in the public eye. If you are hungry to get the work and get out there, then you need to be completely prepared mentally and physically. Practice really does make perfect.

Put your strengths to work. To really break into the business you need to know your strengths. Do you have a high fashion look? Can you memorize with ease? Can you pose fluidly in front of the camera? Or even have a strong walk? If you know that you are 5-foot-9 and above, and you fit the measurements of a high fashion model, why not go for it? If you are a little weak with your walk, then focus on trying to be the complete package and acquire a runway coach.

While at the same time, if your strength is in front of the camera, know that you need to capitalize on print modeling. Building on your best attributes can play a key role in a successful career. If you know your best features, play them up while you are either on the runway, on set or at a photo shoot. You will increase your effectiveness to book the job by knowing what skills you possess and how to use them.

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