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Pageantry Interview:
Rita Mondolfi of All Natural Skin Care

Growing up Rita Mondolfi's mother & grandmother loved to garden. They would pick certain flowers and herbs at all times of the day and bottle them, making their own body lotions, hair tonics, and facial elixirs. As she grew older she kept her grandmother's tradition alive by founding All Natural Skin Care. She started her company using only natural and organic ingredients, the same products Cleopatra used thousands of years ago, and she would like to share her knowledge and passion with you, with respect and care of the earth and all the beauty it has to offer us. Since then she has traveled the world to discover the secrets of what other countries have to offer and brought them home to include in her vast array of oils, lotions, elixirs, tonics, and makeup lines.


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Rita Mondolfi of All Natural Skin Care PodCast


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