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Pageantry Interview:
Catherine Potgieter - MsBellezza

Designer Catherine Potgieter, and featured writer for Pageantry magazine, introduces us to MsBellezza Jewelry; a high fashion, couture jewelry line that offers luxurious style at an affordable price. Created for the sophisticated woman who might find herself in a competitive spotlight with the world's (or even just the room's) eye on her, MsBellezza Jewelry has felt the growing warmth of the limelight recently, creating a buzz in the pageant and celebrity world where detail and uniqueness are everything. MsBellezza pieces have graced the lobes, delicate wrists and necklines of the leading ladies of "ABC's Dancing with the Stars", beauties vying for the crown in top US pageants, and from the epicenter of the red carpet. Designer Catherine Potgieter's pieces complete a perfect pas de deux with elaborate and showy costumes; careful to never upstage, yet intricate enough to stand out.


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