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Pageantry PodCast:
American Spirit Pageant's
Dennis VanDerGinst

The essence of the American Spirit Pageant is the “AMERICAN SPIRIT”, and innate in the “American Spirit” is the desire to help one another. American Spirit Pageants are relative newcomers to the Pageantry world, but their outstanding staff and volunteer base have given them enough confidence to make a big splash on the national pageant scene.

American Spirit Pageants is proud to be the only national pageant system to incorporate charitable fundraising into the judged competition. Money that is raised goes to American Spirit Charities, a 501(c) (3) company. The fundraising category of the competition accounts for 10% of a Contestant’s total score.

American Spirit Pageants are huge believers in what they do. They feel that pageants are an incredible way for young women to gain self confidence, meet interesting and influential people, and gain a greater social awareness. They truly believe in the “American Spirit” and intend to do what they can to keep that spirit alive and vibrant in pageantry.


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