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Nearly everyone, at one time or another, dreams of becoming a model. The dream will remain only a dream unless you do something to actively pursue the dream. In the real world, you need to be trained before you can be discovered. These web sites feature organizations and agencies that will not only train you to become a model, actor, or performer, but they'll even provide a venue for you to meet the agents and scouts who can possibly make the dream a reality.
Barbizon Modeling's site
Barbizon�s site employs a sleek design and many engaging interactive options.

Barbizon Modeling

Barbizon School of Modeling has a very well-designed and highly interactive site. Upon entering the site you have numerous options. You can scan the scrolling text headlines of "Barbizon News" and "Barbizon Tips," each with links to stories, sign up to receive the free modeling book, Seven Tips to Modeling Success, find a local Barbizon by entering your zip code, or enter to win a "Models Photo Shoot and Portfolio." There's even a place for educators and guidance counselors to sign up for the Barbizon School Lecture Series.

Also, the site is packed with information for those who know they want to be a model, those who are wondering if they have what it takes, or even parents who might be wanting to boost their child's confidence with Barbizon's supportive and encouraging programs. In the online "Newsletter," you can read stories like "Party Planning Tips" and "Embarrassing Moments," or find out who won the $100,000 college scholarship award. Yes, $100,000!

With so much to see, read, and do, the Barbizon site has something for everyone. And while this is the national site, they give a good overview of the local schools. For example, once you enter your zip code in the "School Locations" area, you are directed to the local site (which looks just like the national site) featuring local models' successes, and local info and contact information for the school nearest you.

Barbizon also features a full line of professional cosmetics especially formulated for models and talent, which is accessible as a banner link on certain pages, and features over 150 products. You may access the line directly at


Bellissima Modeling's site
Bellissima�s splash page highlights their models photos.

Bellissima Models has been in business for over 10 years, starting as a national photo model contest. Now Bellissima Model & Talent Management functions as personal managers to the "New Faces" discovered through their award-winning photo contest. They also participate in select model and talent events in an effort to give their photo contest winners and participants more opportunities for exposure.

A convenient option within the Bellissima site is that anyone can participate, either by entering the photo contest, or submitting a photo for review. Here's how the submission process works, with step one being for everyone. Send in two snapshots of yourself, a full-length snapshot, and one head shot. Photos will not be returned. If you have working model shots or zeds, please forward them with your resume or stats. If interested, Bellissima will contact you by phone or mail to proceed to Step 2. For more information on Step 2, see the web site for details.

International Modeling and Talent Association
IMTA's Talent page
IMTA�s �Talent� page features some of Hollywood�s hottest young stars.

IMTA is the largest association of modeling and talent schools and training centers. IMTA is renowned for their conventions, featuring top fashion/talent agents and casting directors who judge and scout their week-long events. IMTA conventions can only be attended through one of their member agencies. An online form is available to fill out and receive more information; however, it will take about three weeks to receive the info.

When you click on the "Boutique" button, you will be taken to, where you can purchase a variety of IMTA logo-emblazoned items, such as shirts, shorts and pants, coin pouch, baseball caps, jean jacket, and even undergarments.

Choosing the "Actors" button will inform you that IMTA actors star in feature films and are regulars on both daytime and prime-time television series. Some of the better-known alumni are Elijah Wood, Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher, and Agnes Bruckner. A click on "Models" shows more past IMTA alumni. Although the names aren't always as familiar, their faces may be, and their accomplishments are equally impressive.

Modeling Association of America International
MAAI's splash page
MAAI�s site touts its not-for-profit status, and keeps tabs on the celebrities who attend the event each year.

The Modeling Association of America International is "The ONLY not-for-profit original Convention Connection." Now celebrating its 44th year, the convention has been held at the world famous Waldorf=Astoria in New York City since 1960.

Clicking on the "Contact" page is the first step to competing in this event. Here you can complete a form (in English or Spanish) to request info about getting in touch with an MAAI member agency in your area. You can complete a Schools/Agencies Request, or you can get more info about MAAI and the annual convention in New York.

In addition to the many agents who attend the convention from such global modeling hot spots as Tokyo, Miami, and Milan, the MAAI is also known for the celebrities who attend each year. Contestants are treated to having their awards presented to them by famous stars or celebrities from film and television.

Meeting high-caliber agents is a great opportunity for any aspiring model; however, the MAAI recognizes that sometimes it takes more than good looks and talent. That's where The Modeling & Fashion Arts Fund steps in. This is the scholarship portion of MAAI, which helps aspiring actors or models to continue developing their craft. There's a "Junior Scholarship Division" for ages 13-15 and a "Senior Scholarship Division" for ages 16-26.

Models Mart
Models-mart splash page
Models Mart provides models with the books and portfolios they need to maintain their professional look.

Models Mart is the world's leading supplier of portfolio books for agencies and individual models. Additionally, for over 30 years, they've provided how-to-books and videos for the modeling and talent industries.

The Models Mart-produced newsletter is now available online. Full of the latest products, convention news, and a modeling calendar of events, the newsletter is a valuable resource for any aspiring model or actor looking to get his or her foot in the door.

Bellissima's splash page highlights their models photos.Barbizon's site employs a sleek design and many engaging interactive options.IMTA's "Talent" page features some of Hollywood's hottest young stars.

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