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FITNESS By Mike Mauney
A Farewell to Flabby Arms!

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Triceps firmness and definition will bring out the best
in the rest of
a fashionably fit figure.

Triceps Kick Backs
Miss Virginia 2002 Jennifer Pitts, along with her fitness trainer Mike Mauney, demonstrate the correct technique for performing Triceps Kick Backs.

Triceps kick backs exercise photos

1. Place left knee and left hand on a bench.

2. Bend over until your back is parallel to the floor with your right leg slightly bent.

3. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand with the weights facing front and back, and bend your elbow 90 degrees (your upper arm is close to your body and your forearm hangs straight down).

4. Keeping your elbow in place, extend your right arm until it is straight.

5. Slowly lower the dumbbell while keeping your elbow close to your body and repeat.

6. Continue, using your left arm.

Final Tip: Exhale as you raise the weight and inhale as you lower the weight.

The first thing most women say when it is time to select an evening gown is, "I must lose weight if I am going to fit into the gown I really want to wear." Although this statement is often true, there are also specific areas of your body to consider. If you have great legs, you may want to consider a gown that has a split skirt in the front. If you are not happy with the appearance of your legs, then you can always select a gown with a closed front. If you want to show off a well-toned chest and bust, then you should consider purchasing a gown with a great bustline cut that flatters your shape.

Another part of the body that is critical to a woman's overall appearance, but often overlooked when searching for a great gown, are the arms. It is very important to have a nice set of arms to show off when wearing a sleeveless or strapless gown. I am not talking about large, bulky arms that look like they belong to a body builder. Rather, I am talking about nice, toned, lean, cut, defined arms that enhance your entire body without being so muscular that they take away from the overall impression of feminine fitness.

You know the type of arms I am talking about. They make you think, "Wow, what great arms she has! They look fantastic! I would give anything to have arms like her. How did she do that?" Well, you can have great arms. Remember, you are shaping your body to look the best that you can look, and no two people will achieve exactly the same results. The key is to reshape your body, to the best of your ability, to attain its ideal form.

There are several different exercises that you can perform to define your arms without increasing their size. In this issue we will focus on the Triceps Kick Back. This exercise is excellent for the upper back portion of your arms. To see the results of toning your arms and obtaining more shape and definition, I suggest you train three times a week or every other day. Complete three to four sets with 10 to 12 repetitions per set. Most women will need to start off using 3 to 5 lbs. for Triceps Kick Backs. Once you can easily perform all sets and repetitions, you should increase the amount of weight you are using by 3 to 5 lbs. Remember, using the correct technique is critical for safety and for gaining your maximum cut and definition. Never sling the weights or rock your body when lifting the weight. Doing so only increases your chances of injury and decreases your ability to achieve your goals.

The ideal target heart rate formula:

220 - Your Age =
Y x .7 =
Ideal Target Heart Rate
(in beats per minute, or BPM)

Here's an example for a 20-year-old: 220 � 20 = 200 x .70 = 140 BPM. To quickly calculate your target heart rate during your workout, take your pulse count for 15 seconds, and then multiply that number by four to check whether you are reaching your Ideal Target Heart Rate. As in our example, let's say the 15-second count is 36; then 36 x 4 = 144 BPM, which is within range of the Ideal Target Heart Rate for this person.

Another important item to remember while reshaping your arms is daily aerobic activity. No matter how well you have defined your arms, no one will be able to notice if the muscles are hidden under a layer of body fat. You must burn away the fat in order to gain the visible definition you seek. This is true for reshaping any part of your body. For daily aerobic activity, I suggest fast walking or jogging on a treadmill or walking track. You can also use a stationary bike. Take your heart rate to 70 percent of maximum by following this formula for determining an ideal target heart rate for a person of your age:

I suggest spending at least one hour on cardio training daily to change your body, and 30 minutes daily to maintain your low level of body fat and to stay healthy.

Now you know what to do and how to do it. With this knowledge, you can begin to reshape your arms, enhance your overall body's appearance, and thereby reach an even higher level of perfection in evening gowns, swimsuits, and anything else you wear. My final words of advice: Exercise hard, exercise smart, and, by all means, exercise safely.

Mike Mauney, owner of Body Design By Mike fitness center in North Carolina, is a Personal Fitness Trainer certified by the National Federation of Professional Trainers. Mike specializes in Personal Fitness Training for women of all ages. For twelve years he has been training dancers, models, cheerleaders, pageant and swimsuit contestants of all ages and competition levels (local, state, national, and international). His daughter Michelle Mauney was Miss North Carolina USA 1995. Some of Mike's training credits includes the following: Carrie Stroup, Miss World representative 2001, Janice Ward, Mrs. United States 1999, Vanessa Minnillo, swimsuit winner and Miss Teen USA 1998, and Michelle Warren, 1st runner-up Miss America Pageant 1998.

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