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Gossamer Prom chandelier
Use gossamer to create a gorgeous tent ceiling and totally transform the look of your event room.

Gossamer transforms plain-jane halls into extraordinary spaces without breaking the bank.

After much time and consideration, you have finally chosen your prom location. Now the real challenge lies ahead — turning a lackluster room from big and boring into something memorable and brilliant.

The barrage of decorating products is overwhelming, especially considering that you want to create a perfect setting for one of the most romantic evenings of your life. Look no further. Gossamer is the ultimate decorating tool, and a prom committee's best friend.

Gossamer is elegant, affordable, and can be used to decorate ceilings, tables, walls, doors or any part of your room that needs to be dressed up. In addition to its versatility, gossamer is easy to work with, so the decorating possibilities are endless.

What Is Gossamer?

Gossamer is an extremely light, non-woven fabric that can be used to create wonderful ceilings and walls, tie gorgeous bows, and cover tables and chairs. In addition, gossamer can be used time and again, giving you even more value and options. Gossamer drapes and swags beautifully, making it the decorating essential.

Gossamer Prom backdrop
Create a stunning background and cover unsightly walls with gossamer.

Since gossamer is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, no decorating challenge will be too much for this multitasking material. Choose gossamer streamers for table accents or wide rolls to cover unsightly walls or large expanses.

With so many choices, it is easy to find colored and patterned gossamer that will match your prom theme beautifully. For example, twinkle-star gossamer adds a heavenly touch to a celestial-themed prom, while animal-print gossamer looks great at a jungle-themed event.

Ceiling Decorations

A decorated ceiling will create an elegant, finished look at your prom, and gossamer is an easy way to achieve a variety of special effects.

Create a tent look by hanging gossamer from a ring or disk that is attached to the ceiling above the center of the area to be decorated. Adhere one end of the gossamer to the ring, disk or chandelier, and the other end to the wall. Allow the material to drape. Repeated throughout the room, this decorating method will create a gorgeous, fairy-tale effect.

Drab ceilings can simply be masked with a layer of colorful or patterned gossamer. The cost and effort for covering the ceiling is minimal, but the finished look is dramatic.

Wall Decorations

Don't let existing wall colors or murals dictate how you choose your prom theme and colors. Gossamer is a simple and inexpensive way to hide walls that clash with your theme d�cor.

For a flat wall covering, simply cut a piece of gossamer to fit the height of the wall (allow an extra 6 inches for fastening) and attach it to the wall with a staple gun or double-sided tape. Since gossamer is semi-sheer, you may opt to double over the material for a more opaque look.

An even more elegant look can be achieved by creating gossamer columns. Simply hang wide gossamer strips from the ceiling and gather the strips together at the middle. Tie a piece of gossamer around the middle of the columns to "belt" them. Gossamer curtains, rays, and door coverings can also be created using different techniques.

Add an elegant (and inexpensive) touch to your wall d�cor by placing twinkle lights underneath the gossamer. You'll love the results.

Table Decorations

Stumps gossamer prom table setting
Gossamer adds a wonderful touch to tables and chairs.

Because of gossamer's versatility, covering chairs and tables, accentuating centerpieces, and creating table runners and bows with gossamer is simple. Start by covering your table with a layer of gossamer. Next, add a gossamer table runner in a different color or pattern. Create a gorgeous table skirt by draping white or your favorite color of gossamer over twinkle lights. Secure the materials to the table with double-sided tape. Give tables a boost by placing centerpieces amidst a "sea" of gossamer; this will make them appear to float.

Give ordinary chairs a fancy facelift by tying a large gossamer bow to the back. For a romantic look, let the bow tails hang down to the floor. Or, opt for a chair swag by attaching the gossamer to both corners of the back of the chair and allowing the material to hang loosely in the middle. Puddle the gossamer on each side of the chair.

There are few limitations to how you can use gossamer to decorate your prom. Just use your imagination and have a great time decorating.

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