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These sites will get you physically and mentally prepared for that next big competition.

Now that cooler temperatures are upon us, you may feel like hibernating. The fact that you might be layering your clothing doesn't make keeping physically fit seem like a high priority. However, if you want to hone your physical and mental competition skills in time for next summer, now is the time for action.
ody Designs by Mike's splash page
Mike Mauney's list of winners is impressive.


Body Design by Mike

The first thing that impresses you about Mike Mauney's web site is the extraordinary number of contestants he has trained. His training credits include Vanessa Minnillo, Miss Teen USA 1998 and Swimsuit Winner, and a slew of others dating back to 1990. He's trained dancers, models, cheerleaders, and pageant and swimsuit contestants of all ages and levels.

Mike is certified by the National Federation of Professional Trainers, and lives in Stanley, North Carolina.

There are two ways you can receive personal fitness training from Mike. The first option is to attend his training facility for a one-on-one private personal fitness training session. He also offers correspondence fitness training. To receive correspondence training you'll need to provide Mike with photos of yourself, as well as your height, weight, and body measurements. He'll keep up with your progress via e-mail, postal mail, and telephone.

While the one-on-one training is considered the best option for optimum fitness, Mike can put together a program to suit any schedule.
Part of A-Team's opening flash sequence.
A-Team's "flashy" splash page introduction is just the beginning of their motivational web experience.

A-Team Extreme

Coach John Atherton is the "A" in A-Team Extreme. John is also a former football MVP at the University of North Carolina, an NSPA-certified fitness and conditioning instructor, a photographer, a pastor who holds a Ph.D. in Religion, and one very motivated and inspiring guy.

Coach A can whip your body into shape; however, to help deliver the total package, he is joined by Mrs. America 2002 Laurett Ellsworth Arenz. Laurett can help empower you to achieve the next level in the areas of interview skills, poise and presence, hair, makeup and wardrobe, as well as sponsorship acquisition and entry-form review. You can learn about Laurett's services by visiting her site at

There is a lot to see and do on The A-Team site. A good place to start would be at the bottom of the page in the "ATX's Information Location Page." From here you can find much of the pertinent info such as "Coach Atherton's Resume," "Training Times and Costs," and "Meet our Staff." You can always go back and see the competition photos or John's photography.


Classy Lady's site touts Donna's experience.

Classy Lady

Donna Dunstan Peterson is president of Classy Lady. She won the title of Miss NY American United States in 1998. Donna loves to act, and has appeared in independent films, and on TV's The Cosby Show and The Nanny. Donna's expertise in fashion and cosmetology has led her to model and coordinate fashion shows for various organizations. In addition to her private consulting, Donna worked for two years with the Miss NY USA pageant system as a coach.

Donna offers complete pageant training, including interview training, on-stage poise and walking, mental conditioning and confidence building, make-up, hair, and wardrobe, fitness/nutritional planning, bio-sheet development, platform, and speeches.

One-on-one sessions and weekend seminars are available. Out-of-town clients are welcome to her Manhattan location. For those who cannot travel, consulting via telephone is provided.
Suited to You's site has fresh content, great tips, and informative articles.

Suited To You

Suited To You — Total Image Consultants is a full-service firm, specializing in preparation of contestants for pageant competitions. With over 21 years combined of experience in pageantry, Suited To You has done it all!

Michelle Harris Anderson is Miss Delaware America 1995. Her co-owner, Christopher Willshire, has training in voice, piano, flute, dance, theater arts, and modeling. Together, these pageant professionals, whose styles and abilities complement each other, offer you a comprehensive assessment of your skill sets and/or developmental needs.

The Suited to You web site has much to offer visitors. In the "News and Articles" area you'll find information covering such topics as "How to Create a Winning Wardrobe," "Fact Sheets That Make the Right Statement," and "Getting the Right Mix out of Platform Essays." In addition to testimonials and lists of current winners they've worked with, under "What's Hot" you can view a visual sampling of the latest styles in a variety of areas such as "Prints and Patterns," "Contrast and Drama," "Swimsuits," and "Tailoring and Textures." The "Celebrity Match-Up" area shows celebrity photos and puts them into context, with tips and advice for pageant contestants. For example, in "Eveningwear," the advice is to "steer clear of multicolored beading, or gowns that have one bead color through the bodice with another bead color in the skirt -- they tend to make one look heavier!"

Pageant Preparation's site is sleek and to the point.

Pageant Preparation

Pageant Preparation's site is graphically appealing. To gain a full insight on all of their many services, you can subscribe to their monthly newsletter or call them. While they offer the usual areas of pageant training, they also offer pageant-production services. In addition, they can coordinate stage work, music, costumes, choreography, blocking, and every detail that will make your pageant a professional endeavor.

The Pageant Diva web site is an e-zine-style site to accompany the video series.

The Pageant Diva Video Series is an e-magazine for those wanting to be a pageant queen, or to just look like one. The web site is the companion of "The Pageant Diva Home Video Series." The Diva's take you through every step of pageantry. These Diva areas have titles like "Evening Gowns with Kristin," "Interview Preparations with Alexandra," "Swim Suit Preparations with Julie," and "Talent Competition with Kristin." The site also features helpful areas such as "Health & Wellness Tips" and "Public Speaking Tips."

When you order "The Pageant Diva Home Video Series" or any of the company's other products, you'll be pleased with the shopping cart's ease-of-use, description of products, and security.

Some fun areas of the site are "Diva of the Month," which features someone's pageant accomplishments, and "Pageant Diva Professional of the Month," which highlights the professional achievements of former queens. The site also features an active "Message Board" area that is both lively and informative.

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