Royal Maskerade

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Royal International Miss

Donning masks of bling, Royal International Miss practiced safe pageantry while celebrating their 9th Anniversary


Royal International Miss and its international contingency graced the stage in Orlando, Florida in true pageantry style. In the unprecedented year that has been 2020, Royal International Miss was one of the first international pageants to hold an on-stage competition since the glamour lifestyle industry went on hiatus in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By week’s end, the industry would have a newly crowned Royal International Miss Princess, Sweetheart, Pre-Teen, Jr. Teen, Teen, Miss, and Ms. Royal Court.

Pageantry magazine had the honor of attending many of the events leading up to the national and international crownings. Royal International Miss did not disappoint in the extravagant staging they are renowned for, nor in the dictates of today’s social distancing guidelines. Being one of the first to produce a live event. the staff took extra precautions to ensure all in attendance would experience a professional, glamorous, and safe event. Delegates who were fortunately able to travel to the international finals wore their best bling mask during rehearsals and throughout the venue. The family members, supporters, and friends were socially distanced, and everyone followed the protocols that were established by director Sharon Nordquist and her health-conscious staff members.

A Royal Event

Royal International Miss week, where the national and international representatives would be competing for titles in both the Royal International Miss and Royal International Miss Role Model competitions, kicked off with the prerequisite pageant registration, rehearsal and orientation, followed by the annual Queen’s Reception Luau. It was time for renewing friendships and acquaintances, making newfound friends from across the globe, and discussing the year that has been 2020.

Titans of Talent

The first true day of competitions began with the Talent Run Through, Role Model Interview, Royal Top Model Photo Shoot, Rehearsals (with masks), and the Royal Top Model Stage presentations. Also, exclusively to Royal International Miss, the Purple Passion Competition with the delegates competing in a purple ensemble of their choice, in support of the Royal Dream Foundation Scholarship Fund, and State Wear competitions showcasing sports teams or recognizable state mascots brought the busy and action-packed day to a close. However, the day would not be complete without a true Royal International Miss “relieve the stress” party, beginning with the Hoedown at the Royal Coral Party. Dressed in western finery, it was a time to “yee-haw” and put their best boots forward in “two-steppin’” and country line-dancing fashion.

The Competition Continues

Day two was another full day of competitions such as Personal Introduction, Interviews for both Royal International Miss and Royal International Miss Role model, Casual Wear On-Stage Competition, Fitness Wear, Spokesmodel, and the entertaining Talent Competitions. It was a full Royal International Miss day and the night provided both the opportunity to visit with family and friends and a chance to catch up on rest.

The halfway moment of the week’s festivities arrived and provided more competitions of Personal Introduction, Interview, and of course, Rehearsals. Masks were seen aplenty. The speaking forms of any competition can be stressful, especially when competing in, producing, or judging so many within one day. How would Royal International Miss relax at the end of the day? By hosting the Royal Treasures Under the Sea Dinner and Party! Plenty of mermaids (including a live mermaid), dancers, jugglers, SpongeBob SquarePants, and seafaring memorabilia for all set against an underwater theme.

Fashion and Frivolities

With fourteen crowns available through Royal International Miss, the competition is fierce, but friendly. With so many divisions, there is a constant sense of competition throughout the venue. Another day, another full day of competitions, including Interview, Personal Introduction, the omnipresent Rehearsal, and the always exciting Fun Fashion in another outfit of choice. With another day of pageantry, comes another night of celebration. This was a special night with the presentation of the Special Commencement Ceremony. The unfortunate fact that many of the Royal International Miss delegates missed their 2020 Graduation ceremonies due to COVID-19 was not lost on the pageant. In an effort to give these graduates from Kindergarten to college their moment to shine, a commencement ceremony was held, complete with pomp and circumstance, a keynote speaker, and the opportunity to walk across the stage with their cap and gown to collect their Royal diploma.

A Royal Finale

What a week it has been at Royal International Miss. Four days of international competition have kept the delegates and Royal International Miss staff and judges busy. However, the week was coming to a crescendo with the final day of competition, and it was appropriate that the final stage competition was the most elegant and poised of all, the Evening Gown Competitions showcasing all the contestants throughout all the divisions in one glamorous day. How would the competition week come to an end? With the Royal Black and White Masquerade Awards Banquet, complete with the Royal International Miss Purple Carpet Step-and-Repeat featuring special guests Pageantry magazine CEO Carl Dunn, who was in attendance to present the Pageantry Spirit Award during the week, and Royal International Miss sponsor, fashion designer Johnathan Kayne. It was an evening of recognition, celebration, and plenty of flash photography.

Crowning Royalty

As the whirlwind week came to a royal close, all that remained was for the decision of the judges to be recognized and for the winning performances to be rewarded. The 2020 Royal International Role Model Court: Princess Gabriella Durso, Sweetheart Camille Schmidt, Preteen Zara Lwin, Jr. Teen Zoey Waldron, Teen Kate Platten, Miss Samantha Teeter, and Ms. Kelly Campion. Finally, the moment everyone had waited months so patiently for, the crowning of the 2020 Royal International Miss Queens: Princess Hayden Harris, Sweetheart Adriana Barone, Preteen Kate Brison, Jr. Teen Maddox White, Teen Simran Kholi, Miss Rhea Manjrekar, and Ms. Amber Goodner.

Congratulations to the new 2020 Royal International Role Models and Royal International Miss International Queens. You have overcome unparalleled obstacles in your journey to the crown and the Royal International Miss family, friends, and supporters “Thank You” for your support and belief in the system and for promoting safe pageantry as the industry once again welcomes queens to the stage. What will the future present to the newly crowned Royal International queens? In this day of COVID-19 and the continuation of social distancing, only time will tell. But, in true Royal International Miss fashion, a trip to Las Vegas, and the annual Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas and Jamaica are on the horizon.

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