Photo Perfect Makeup

See how to create your makeup style for a polished photo-shoot look

This is a great opportunity to create a synergistic perfect photo makeup tutorial which will help you understand how to create a total hair and makeup package look that is perfect for photo shoots. From start to finish, this look has been a favorite of mine. I really wanted to design a look for Emily which would both captivate the eye and highlight her amazing natural beauty. It is an appealing look that also puts the focus on her gorgeous eyes.

Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, you always want to bring attention to this focal point. Making the eye pop is the name of the game; I feel it gives people an opportunity to really see my client or the model in my chair. This instructional will inspire you to embrace your own inner beauty queen in front of the camera or on your Instagram. It’s all about feeling confident as you take your look to the next level.

Begin by pin curling your hair and finish with a precise, light spray for a polished look. Be sure you keep the shape of the face in mind as you use the bang to frame the face and eyes. This style comes down to the soft finishing touches which make the model look and feel like a queen.

Prep and Prime

Photo shoot preparation for the skin always begins 2 weeks ahead. Make sure you are getting plenty of water every day and you have completed beauty services like waxing, eyebrows, and a manicure. Moisturizing your skin at least an hour ahead of time is imperative. You will want to give the moisturizer plenty of time to set in. I always suggest Genie Beauty’s Dream Cream and Dr. Organic’s Organic Rose Otto Facial Serum.

Before applying your foundation, I recommend applying primer to the face and neck. I love to use a large foundation brush from Real Techniques or their amazing beauty blender.

Foundation, Contour and Powder

Prepare the canvas with a great foundation application. A fluid foundation cover should be smooth to the touch as well as the eye from hairline to neck. Be thorough as you apply the layer of foundation. Make sure you do not skip underneath the chin, near the ears, or around the mouth.

To slenderize your nose and create your cheek, you can go for a beautifully blended cream concealer before you apply your face powder. I am a huge fan of RCMA’s foundation/concealer palette in combination with Jamye Shaw’s amazing concealer. In this phase, it is all about a light application to bring attention to the places you want shown on the face. Remember, the light color is your showcased area, so curate your look with care. You will also want to remember that bringing symmetry to your face is incredibly important, so be sure your angles are as even as possible.

Once you are ready to apply your powder, use a powder puff for a smoother finish. Dab or stipple stroke the powder on for lasting power. You can then go back with a large brush to sweep off any excess which may be on the skin. Be sure you also powder your neck and ears so everything is blended in the same tone.

Blush and Highlight

Making your features pop is always in style! A stunning blush and bronzer combination is the key. I think of the cheek as the support for the eyes. Of course, I am crazy about Genie Beauty’s new Glowgetter Bronzer. It comes in several tones; to achieve this look, I would recommend the bronze version. Bronzer gives a great highlight to the skin, so make sure you use it on the cheeks and other areas of the face which need evening out.

As you sweep your blush across your cheek’s apple, be sure you are conscious of creating symmetry. For this look, I love MAC’s Mineralize blush in Hey Coral. Focus the blush color solely on the apples and do not worry about it if there is a small amount of the color left on the brush. After this step, you will lightly dip your brush into your bronzer. You will trace under your cheek line to blend it, do a slight trace down the sides of your nose, gently under your neck, swiftly across the top of your forehead, and finally on your chin. You will not want to miss your jawline either. This will really bring the tones together visually in a mono-chroming effect.


People always stare right into your eyes, so be sure you are ready to capture their attention every time with a beautiful makeup look. I used the bronzer as a base color because I loved the fabulous hues in Natasha Denona’s Mini Nude palette, so I was all about keeping Emily’s eye super bronzed. Be sure the entire lid is covered with a color that compliments your skin tone. If you are more fair-toned, you may add a little alabaster in, or if you are dark-skinned you may want to think about a luscious true gold. As you begin working the crease, dip into the deep maroon color in combination with the deepest bronzed gold.

Focus on creating a classic V shape as you blend so the eye opens wide. I recommend applying the maroon tone first and then working the deep gold later. I blended it so much as to get a hint of the red tone, but I focused on the bronzed tone more. Once you have done this, go back with your finger lightly tapping the center of the eye with the lightest gold tone shadow for a pop of pigment to brighten the eye.

I used the Estée Lauder Double Wear eyeliner in Coffee on the upper and lower waterline, using a classic eyeliner brush to brush the bronzer on as an outward liner. I felt it gave the eye more pop. After you line it, you can add lashes, and then double coat your mascara to really amp up your glam!


For the lip I chose a beautiful combo featuring my favorite lip color called Lasting Lip, which is a lacquer from Jamye Shaw. I used her Buff lip pencil with Buxom’s Leslie gloss over the top. I have always loved an amazing neutral hue. For me, it is all about keeping the focus on the eyes. You will want to be sure to line your entire lip for extra staying power as well.


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