Nose Contouring Made Easy

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Don’t let fear hold you back from the perfect contoured nose

Nose contouring has seemed to be something that most people feel confused about. A lot of people watch great tutorials on YouTube and still don’t feel like they have a good hang of how to re-shape their nose. At its core, beauty is all about symmetry, so contouring is all about helping you create an even face to boost your beauty quotient.

For stage, photo shoots, and glamorous appearances, contouring is key, and today I am excited to break nose contouring down for you with ease. I want you to feel confident the next time you want to get your glam on! No more feeling overwhelmed when you look at concealers or a powder contour kit.

In this tutorial, let’s focus on minimizing the nose. When I asked our awesome model Reagan what she worked hardest on, she told me it was contouring her nose, so I thought this would be great because it helped her to see the transformation process.

Here is What You Will Need:

Tarte Shape Tape (Recommended for the Light Tone)
L.A. Girl Pro Concealer (Recommended for the Darker
Becca Cosmetics Aqualuminous Perfecting Foundation
E47 Morphe Flat Angled Contour
MAC 219 Pencil Brush
Real Techniques Beauty Blender or Real Techniques
Stippling Brush
Tarte Double Duty Pressed Powder
Estee Lauder Bronzed Goddess

Step 1: Prep the Canvas

pageant makeup, prom makeup, makeup tips
Prep The Canvas

Begin with your normal foundation already applied to your skin. You want to make sure you have a smooth, well-covered application.

Step 2: Light Color Placement in the Center

pageant makeup, prom makeup, makeup tips
Light Color Placement In The Center

The light color is your highlight color. This is for the areas you want to bring attention to. Apply a medium amount of product to the center of the nose. I call this the flower step. You will want to make sure that this color is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin depending on how extreme you want the contour.

You will begin at the bridge of the nose. Start by applying your concealer from the top to the tip. Use your MAC 219 pencil brush, as shown in the photo, to apply the product.
Be absolutely sure you have created a super straight line down the center, as you’ll want to create a highlight on the ends of the nostrils.

I also like to take that center coverage up toward the forehead. In the blending section, you will use your foundation to blend this area thoroughly, and it will give you just the highlight you need.

Step 3: Dark Color Placement on the Bridge

pageant makeup, prom makeup, makeup tips
Dark Color Placement On the Bridge

This part is where the actual contouring or shading happens. Always think of this as adding the frame to the photo. For this tutorial, I used a liquid, but sometimes when wanting a lighter finish, I will switch to powder for this part. Also, be sure the shading color is 1.5 – 2 colors above your skin tone. This creates the dimension you need to truly make the transitional dimension shift.

Using the Morphe E47 we create parallel lines along the sides of the nose. Keep the lines high on the nose to make the nose smaller. You will want the lines on both sides to be high on the nose bridge. The lower the lines are on the bridge, the wider the nose will appear.

Contouring is all about mastering the angles of the illusion you are creating. Be sure to finish the nose tips by carrying the lines down until they meet. The total width of the lines should be less than a quarter of a centimeter. Triple check that the color application is very smooth as well.

Step 4: Blend, Blend, Blend

nose contouring makeup, pageant makeup, prom makeup, makeup tips
Blend It In

Add a couple of drops of your foundation to the brush or blender. I suggest Becca’s Aqualuminous Perfecting Foundation for a gorgeous glowing finish. I love the way it lasts and the gorgeous tones.

You can use either tool to begin blending the nose. Use a stipple stroke to add coverage as well as smoothing to the finish. I love Tarte’s Double Duty pressed powder to finish. Of course, you can add a little loose powder, like Chanel’s loose pigmented translucent or Laura Mercier’s to amp up the staying power.

I also add a splash of bronzer, like Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess, down the side of the nose lightly with a beauty blender. Be sure it follows the shading lines and keep it super light. You will love your finished look!

pageant makeup, prom makeup, makeup tips
Finished Look