AU Naturale

Even a natural look requires a bit of work, but our tutorial will make it easy for you

Every year beauty trends come in that inspire us, and this year the “no makeup, makeup” look has truly challenged us to learn to blend like never before. At first, I must admit I was not the biggest fan of this look, because the technique was so different. It became less about color pop, and more about creating a blended hue. The face went from being a canvas for the artist to a true focal point.
Of course, the most engaging portion of any facial structure would have to be the eyes. The eyes have always been regarded as the “windows to the soul,” and the beautiful part is that it’s an opportunity to have people experience a gorgeously pigmented beauty look. This look is going to help you really open your eyes. It is great for those of you who have tons of eye space like Mia, as well as those of you who may have more limited eyelid space.
Because this eye look is so smooth, the trick is more in the liner application than anything. You will see in this step by step makeup tutorial that overall it is an easy process to create this gorgeous eye. From social media to the interview room, you can rock this beautiful natural glam eye with confidence.

What You Will Need:
Makeup Brushes
1) Real Techniques Concealer Brush
2) Morphe M510 – Pro Round Blender
3) Morphe M330 – Blending Crease
4) Sigma F06 – Powder Sweep
1) Jamye Shaw Cosmetics Illumin-Eyes #1
2) Anastasia Beverly Hillis Amrezy Highlighter
3) Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette
4) La Femme Sparkle Dust #14 Champagne Gold

Step One: Prime & Seal
One of the most important pieces of creating this look is definitely creating a smooth finish on the eyelid before you begin. You will want to use your Real Techniques Expert Concealer brush to begin. The great thing about this brush is that it spreads any type of concealer or product very easily. If you do not have this brush, you will want a brush that has a medium flexibility of the bristles so that it will allow you to truly build a smooth base.
Grab your Jamye Shaw Illumin-Eyes #1 and cover the entire eye. Use a circular buffing stroke to apply the product with your brush. Don’t forget to cover the tear duct area, as well as really getting the product up into the brow
area. After you buff the product in, be sure to give it a
triple check to ensure that everything is covered and
well blended.

Step 2: Set the Stage
My secret weapon with this eye look is combining the gorgeous gold tones of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter with the base color from the Soft Glam palette Tempera. This combination will really elevate the look from the very beginning. The product combination allows a truly smooth controlled color to be your base. You can see in the photos that Mia’s eye looks seamless and well blended from the very beginning with this color combination.
That is so important for the finish of the eye. If the base combination is not well applied it will look patchy at the end. Take your Morphe M510 brush and swirl it around in both colors, first in Tempera from the Soft Glam Palette and next in the Amrezy highlighter. Use short sweeping motions to apply the product as you build the coverage. Seamless coverage is extremely necessary for the initial part of this look.

Step 3: Reverse Ombre Begins
I call this the reverse ombre effect, because we will begin from the inside out. Use your finger to dab on an additional splash of the Amrezy highlighter right in the tear duct. Then you will want to use your Sigma F06 sweeping brush to cover your eyelid with a combination of a sprinkle (literally) of the color Orange Soda, Glistening, and Fairy.
All three of those colors for the eyelid are from the Soft Glam Palette.
Use soft windshield wiper motions to apply the initial portion of the color, and then go back with a stipple stroke to add more color. You want to triple check that colors go smoothly from the tear duct to the outer corner of the eyelid. You can also make a final sweep of Glistening on the outer corner of the eyelid to enhance the color gradation.

Step 4: Crease Color Pop
Crease color is always a game changer when it comes to creating a gorgeous eye look. Although it appears more gold in the pictures, I used a combination of the super pigmented Rose Pink in combination with the color Bronze from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette. You will want to use the Morphe M330 brush to blend the crease.
I suggest pulling out your eye slightly with one of your fingers and creating a concentrated crease. Sweep back and forth at a quick pace for 4-6 strokes, and then add
some Amrezy Highlighter to the brush for a few focused crease strokes that will blend the tones together. I love the change that happens when you add a pop of the highlighter, because ultimately we are keeping this eye pretty monochromatic.
The cool thing with this eye is that you can amp it up or tone it down. In the photos, I really blended the look thoroughly to tone it down. I kept adding the Amrezy highlighter to smooth out the color scape. I wanted to create a truly natural eye that had tones of warmth.

Step 5: Add a Dash of Sparkle & Finishing Touches
The final touch for this gorgeous eye is tapping La Femme’s #14 Sparkle Dust right in the center of the eye to create a brilliance factor. I usually just use my finger to tap on the color. If there is left over color, I would use your Sigma F06 to sweep the additional product. After that, I used a chocolate brown liner in the waterline on the lower and upper portion of the eye. I also used the color Bronze with a touch of Cypress umber to create a light liner.  After the lash application and tons of mascara, this look was ready to rock!
I just love this look. I feel like Mia’s eyes look so big and gorgeous, which is definitely the idea behind this natural glam. It is all about creating an eye that allows people to connect with you while you are speaking or if you are on camera. I hope this easy eye makeup tutorial helps you achieve a look that will get you on trend and looking
your best.