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She's Kamie, She Saw, She Conquered

Before she had even been given the distinction of being crowned Miss Teen USA, Kamie Crawford—as well as the rest of her competing peers—received a very powerful glimpse at what this new title could possibly mean for the direction of their young lives. During this year’s competition, Miss Teen USA Stormi Henley made good on her career ambitions as she debuted her new single, “Quite Like Me”, thus proving that success and the title of Miss Teen USA go hand-in-hand.

Now that Kamie, the former Miss Maryland Teen USA, is settling in for her year of travel and endless work, she’ll have plenty of time to decide where she wants her new title to take her.

Pageantry magazine: Tell us a little bit about Miss Teen USA 2010 Kamie Crawford.
Kamie Crawford:
I am 17-years-old and was crowned Miss Teen USA 2010 on July 24, 2010, at the beautiful Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Before winning my first pageant title, Miss Maryland Teen USA, I attended Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland, and I graduated in June of 2010 with a 4.0 GPA. I plan to attend the University of Alabama’s pre-med program in the fall of 2011, and hope to eventually become a dermatologist with my own skincare and cosmetics line.

I have been dedicated to cheerleading for the past seven years. I served as captain of my high school cheerleading squad, have been awarded numerous spirit awards for my devotion to the sport and was named Winston Churchill High School’s Outstanding Cheerleader of the Year in 2010. I also enjoy surfing the Web, going to the movies and singing in the shower.

With the love and support of my close knit family, where I am the oldest of five girls, I am encouraged to always think positively, to believe through hard work you can achieve anything, to speak everything into existence and to always smile.

PM: How did you come to the decision to compete for the Miss Teen USA title?
My friend Jessica had competed in pageants and told me it was a lot of fun and she thought I would do really well. I was apprehensive at first, but I gave it my best shot and I’m so glad I did.

PM: How long have you competed in events with the glamour lifestyle industry?
I have been a competitive cheerleader for almost eight years. I didn’t compete in my first pageant until October of last year.

PM: When you heard your name announced as Miss Teen USA, what was your first thought?
All I could think was, “Oh my gosh!” I was ecstatic and so thrilled that my dream had come true.

PM: How have your family and friends reacted to your newfound celebrity?
I don’t consider myself to be a celebrity. My family and friends are so excited for me and love to hear about my daily activities as a titleholder. Although I’m Miss Teen USA, I’m still the same Kamie, so I don’t think people treat me any differently.


Opportunities Abound

Opportunities abound: (Clockwise) Kamie Crawford, Miss Maryland Teen USA 2010, is overwhelmed after being crowned Miss Teen USA 2010 by Stormi Bree Henley as Miss USA Rima Fakih looks on. Tim Gunn, mentor on Project Runway, was impressed by Kamie’s knowledge of the American fashion industry. Caitlin from Project Sunshine tells Kamie about her many involvement opportunities as Miss Teen USA.


PM: How has your experience been in New York and do you get to spend much time there?
I love New York! It has been so much fun moving into the dorms at the New York Film Academy and making friends in my classes. I am enjoying making appearances throughout the city, and I can’t wait to find the best spots for shopping.

PM: One of your major prizes was the opportunity to attend the New York Film Academy. Have you begun to take classes?
I began classes last week and I’m loving it. All of my classmates are so talented and the professors are great.

PM: Even though your year is still relatively new, what are some of the galas and red carpet events you’ve been able to attend?
KC: Fashion week has been amazing! I have attended shows by designers including Yoana Barashi, Custo Barcelona, Zang Toi and Elene Cassis. I even got to meet Tim Gunn, Jay Manuel and J Alexander. I also enjoyed my trip to Atlanta, Georgia for an Ultimate Sleepover with Girl Talk, one of the official cause alliances of Miss Teen USA.

PM: Any modeling opportunities?
I recently had my first official photo shoot with Fadil Berisha. I hope to get more involved with modeling during my reign.

PM: Have you been able to spend time with your sister queens Miss USA Rima Fakih and Miss Universe Ximina Navarrete?
It’s hard to catch all three of us in New York at the same time with our busy schedules, but we always have a blast when we’re together. I look up to Rima and Ximena. They are incredible role models, and I know that we have a fun year ahead of us.

PM: What are some of your plans for the upcoming year?
During my year-long reign as Miss Teen USA, I will attend the New York Film Academy, make appearances around the country and work with charities such as Best Buddies, D.A.R.E, Girl Talk, Sparrow Clubs and Project Sunshine.

PM: As a representative of teens around the globe, what advice can you give them on setting and pursuing their goals?
I will use my title to encourage others to realize they can do anything as long as they have the confidence to believe in themselves.

PM: Who has impacted your life the most?
Of course this would have to be my Mom! She is so supportive of me and my sisters. She attends all of my appearances and competitions, and I wouldn’t be here without her.

PM: What does it mean to be Miss Teen USA?
Being crowned Miss Teen USA is a dream come true. This has opened so many doors for my future, and I plan to take advantage of every moment of my reign. I hope that throughout my year I can make a positive impact on teenagers in today’s society, and work closely with all of the Miss Universe Organization cause alliances. Make sure to follow me on Twitter.


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