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The spring and summer seasons are always about a fresh face. Clean looks include a bronzed, sun-kissed glow, dewy skin, pink and coral lip glosses, shimmery color palettes and captivating, bright colors. There are many ways to experiment with a new look and be the hottest girl on the block. Most importantly, have fun with it.

Planet Hollywood resort and casino

PREP: When starting any makeup application, remember to begin with a clean, moisturized face. Think of your skin as a canvas. Foundation creates a clean palette that we are able to apply all the fun effects such as color on the eyes, cheeks and lips. I suggest using a Face Primer before the foundation. One of my favorites is by STILA. It is called, “One Step”. A Primer balances the tone of skin and the serum fills in large pores so the foundation appears smooth and improves the longevity of the products. Matching foundation to your chest color is also important. Blending over the face as well as the neck will prevent the dreaded chin line we unfortunately see too much. Set foundation application with a translucent powder.

CONTOURING: This step includes shading in your cheekbones and outlining the eyebrows. The three key steps to contouring include Bronzing, Highlight and Blush Color products. Apply these products to your face, in that order. Bronzer should be placed just below the cheekbones. A Highlighter should be placed just above your cheekbone. Finally, Blush Color of your choice placed directly on the cheekbone, in between the Bronzer and Highlight, blending all three shades together.

Eyebrows truly give structure to the face. A strong brow will inevitably draw focus to the eyes. Achieving the perfect brow is as easy as three steps:

1. With a Soft Eyebrow Pencil or an Angle makeup brush, begin to fill in the brow starting from the inside of your eye socket.
2. Arch the brow at the point your pupil begins.
3. Complete the process, ending the line just past the corner of the eye. Should be diagonal to corner of your eyelid.

Eye Makeup Style

Lite and Bright
It’s all about the eyes in this look. Bright and vibrant colors on soft skin, completed with a subtle mouth. Barely there lips and cheeks will emphasize your eyes. This eclectic theme may be too bold for a casual environment, but will add a funky flair to your look for any special occasion:

1. If you want to pop with vivid hues like this, apply a single eye color in a light shimmer just under the eyebrows or the brow-bone. Next, apply same light shimmer to the inner corner of each eye.
2. Next, with an angle brush, apply a Dark Matte Color along the crease of your upper eyelid.
3. Then, carefully apply the same Dark Matte Color just underneath the lower lashes, smudging downward to blend. (A good tip to get the coveted ‘cat eye’ effect while creating the illusion of larger eyes, is only apply the Dark Matte Color from the outer corner edge of the eye and ending near the middle part of your lower eye, the pupil or end edge of the iris.) Stop just short of the center corner of the eye where you have already applied the light shimmer.
4. Follow with the third color of a Medium Shade. We have used a vibrant Turquoise on Cassi, however, there is freedom to choose whatever strikes you’re fancy as long as it is a Medium Shade. Apply this color on the entire upper eyelid. Begin at the inner corner moving outward. Blend all the way to the outer corner, meeting the Dark Matte Color from our previous step.
5. The final color to be applied on the eyes is a Light Shade that compliments the color chosen for the Medium Shade on the eyelid. We have picked a Pale Green. This last color step should be applied to the inner eyelid and blended together with the original Light Shimmer and Medium eyelid colors.
6. Using a liquid liner we made a retro-like wing along the upper lash line. This is a personal preference and can be left out, but Cassi pulled it off beautifully.
7. Top off this look with black mascara. Lining the inner bottom eyelid with a Black Eye Pencil will make the whites of your eyes pop!

Smokey eyes, contoured cheekbones and sheer, kissable lips are the epitome of chic. Embrace this look for an upcoming special summer event.

Eye Makeup Style

Summer Posey, is the owner of Chic Chic, based in Orlando, Florida, specializing in Makeup, Hair and Styling Extraordinaire. Traveling across the United States as well as International, Chic Chic has enjoyed many projects including Catalog, Print, Commercial, Television, Red Carpet and Weddings. Recent work to grace the ever-growing resume includes clients such as Body Glove, Fox Sports, CW18, Evan Williams Whiskey, Pageantry Magazine, Prom Time, Everlast, Telemundo Actress, Patricia DeLeon, Deal or No Deal girls, just to name a few.


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