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Makeup: Redefining Perfection

We can never stress enough that the eyes are the centerpiece of any makeup look. They should be the first feature a person notices in both personal and social settings. During conversation they are the focal point. You don’t stare at a person’s nose or focus on their teeth. Eye contact is made so much easier when a girl is willing to parlay a little effort and skill into a portrait of attention.

It also goes without saying that individuality has become a theme with our tips and styles. But we’ll continue to stress it until we’re blue in the face—figuratively, of course, because blue might not be your color—it’s important that you find the best look for your event, Prom, pageant, or competition and stand out from everyone else. After all, if the eyes are the focal point of an introduction and a conversation, then there is no better way to pump some energy into a conversation than by fueling the other person’s interest.

Even if you feel that your eyes aren’t your best feature, they are still your starting point in defining what your best feature is. It could be your cheeks, chin, nose, ears, smile, or even your forehead, but the eyes are the center of the canvas and are, at the very least, a sort of counterpart for your other facial features. What matters most is finding the right patterns and colors to highlight your best feature, and using that to make all of your other features shine. And as we always say, if something doesn’t work, it’s not like we can’t simply erase it and start over.

When it came to designing the perfect look for our model Jolie Schamber, I developed and employed a fun look, using cream gray eye shadows for a deeper, more vibrant color. By adding purple cream eye shadow, I played with the lines for a fun, sophisticated look and completed her face’s portrait with a darker red lip color. Her dark red lips accentuate her hair’s favorable red hints, as well as her beautiful smile.

Perfect Makeup Tips
Model Julianne Pruitt

This special effect can be achieved with an angular thin brush; you have to be very precise when drawing the lines so it doesn’t look messy. Of course cleanliness might be next to godliness, but in a case like your Prom or other special event, we’re more concerned with the former. A clean look goes a long way with capturing attention, so it’s important to remember your skin’s undertone and the basics of matching color.

For Jolie’s foundation, we used a makeup artist’s favorite tool—and all-around best friend—the airbrush to highlight her yellow undertone and prepare her skin to show off this rosey display. We blended her foundation and makeup to her neck to create the proper consistency with our choice of colors. Always remember that light will play an considerably important factor in any look you create, so you have to make sure that if you’re going to be in natural or unnatural lighting you choose your colors accordingly.

While we can’t endorse the use of an airbrush for laying foundation enough, the proof is in the pudding. The airbrush covers your imperfections and blemishes, and it creates a smooth palate that is easily corrected if the result doesn’t please you. If it’s good enough for the world’s greatest makeup artists to use on the world’s most beautiful models, then it’s certainly good enough for the most important person in the world—you. Besides, if the airbrush is used for High Definition cameras, then why wouldn’t you want to use it for the highest definition of face-to-face social interaction?

After the airbrush foundation is laid out, it’s a matter of using the proper amount of powder and choosing a color that is slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. With the powder applied and the color in place, a good concealer will lock up your ideal look and you will be ready to conquer.

This look is ideal for a Prom or a party look. Her face possesses a combination of youthful exuberance and a demure sophistication. And right in the center of it, keeping it all together are her green eyes, which will be the focus of everyone she talks to.


Myriam Fux resides as a Master Makeup artist and co-owner of M and E Image & Design, a photography and makeover firm based out of Miami, Florida. Myriam has accrued over 20 years of experience in the field of artistry makeup for photography. Her work has been featured in and on the covers of magazines, including Shape, Lake Mary Life, Hispanic Image and Broker Agent. Myriam’s amazing level of expertise includes studying under beauty icon Kevin Aucoin. She has been commissioned for the Latin Grammys, as well as makeup art for Salma Hayek and other celebrities. Myriam can be reached at



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