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Makeup lead picture: Watch Your Tone

As technology advances, so does the world of makeup. After all, it’s up to the stylists and experts to stay on top of the game, otherwise all of you aspiring entertainers won’t look your best when your big moment arrives. In the summer 2009 issue of Pageantry, Eve Matheson’s Modeling column (“Economy On the Mind,” p. 24) mentioned the emergence of high definition television and the impact that it is having on the modeling industry.

Sure enough, makeup artists are adjusting to the revelation of clearer images and more detailed features, but we’re also finding that it’s making our job a little easier. The solution, of course, to HDTV is the airbrush. It’s quickly becoming the most popular and most necessary tool in any makeup artist’s collection. The airbrush is the new fashion, it works great for HDTV because it is smooth and it covers all imperfections. By using an airbrush to create a light, even foundation, we’re free to get creative and use the right combinations of colors and shading to make your face stand out.

For the fall season, there’s a great deal of electricity in the color selection. We’re seeing the reemergence of classic 70s and 80s colors, as bright and attention grabbing as ever. Pink, orange, yellow, purple and blue are back and bold with a strong emphasis on energy in the selection of colors. Psychedelic colors are always so much fun because they help create or define your electric personality.

When looking for a new, creative look to match the styles of the fall season, I prefer a water-based foundation because it is lighter than any other foundations and it won’t clog your pores. It’s also quite advantageous because if you don’t like the outcome of whatever color combination or style you choose, it’s very easy to clean up and start over.


Makeup tips and instructions

Building upon your foundation, lighten it a bit with a lighter color base to highlight under the eyes, as well as the bridge of the nose and the chin. For contouring, just darken the base and follow the cheekbones, bringing it up to the temples and under the chin. After you finish with the base and light and dark correctors, use some powder to set the foundation. Use a blush to accentuate your cheekbones with a bronze color, and then use a lighter color to progressively blend upward toward the temple.

When it comes to enhancing your eyes, liners are great because there’s such a vast range of ways you can utilize them for different variations on the same looks. You can change the slope, making the look bigger or smaller. If you line your eyes on the inner portions, do so very carefully and take into account that it will make your eyes look smaller but much more dramatic. There’s something very alluring about creating false intensity through a few simple strokes. Matched with the right electric color, you’ll have a look that’s impossible to ignore.

Because your goal for this fall season should be to bring back and embrace your own dramatic looks, it’s important to understand your skin’s undertone. Don’t get this confused with your skin tone. Your undertone isn’t visible, hence under. It’s the inner X-factor that determines how well you’re going to make certain colors pop. There are a variety of ways to tell what undertone you are, and most often the easiest way to find out is trial by error. If certain shades don’t look good, then chances are you’re working against your actual undertone.

There are two types of undertones—warm and cool. Warm undertones deal well with yellows and reds, while cool undertones go significantly better with reds and blues. Fall colors like gold, orange, brick, and reddish-brown look great on people who have a yellow or red skin undertone. Generally, these skin undertones are synonymous with brown eyes or variations of hazel or amber. On the other hand, people with a blue or red skin undertone typically have blue or green eyes. Those cool blue and red undertones benefit most from colors like wine, pink, purple and mauve.

For either skin undertone, the key is to make your colors pop and be noticed, because otherwise there’s no point. The whole idea behind understanding your skin and choosing your colors is to stand out. That’s why it’s even more fun if you use your own creativity and play on your own personality when choosing your colors and styles. The people who know you and spend the most time around you will appreciate and admire your extra effort, and the people who don’t know you (i.e. – pageant and competition judges and modeling and entertainment scouts) will be drawn in by your electricity.

Don’t be afraid to try new makeup combinations. Determine your skin undertone and choose a color that you wouldn’t normally go with. Take some chances and experiment by stepping into the unknown. This fall season is about having fun and looking great, but it’s also about being electric and energetic. And if all else fails, you can always wipe the canvas clean and start fresh.


Myriam Fux resides as a Master Makeup artist and co-owner of M and E Image & Design, a photography and makeover firm based out of Lake Mary, Florida. Myriam has accrued over 20 years of experience in the field of artistry makeup for photography. Her work has been featured in and on the covers of magazines, including Shape, Lake Mary Life, Hispanic Image and Broker Agent. Myriam’s amazing level of expertise includes studying under beauty icon Kevin Aucoin. She has been commissioned for the Latin Grammys, as well as makeup art for Salma Hayek and other celebrities. Myriam can be reached at


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