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Summer Hairstyles: Turning Heads
Model Jaclyn Raulerson was crowned the 2010 Miss Largo a day before this photo shoot.
Model Jaclyn Raulerson was crowned the 2010 Miss Largo a day before this photo shoot. A two-time Pageantry & PromTime Fashion Showcase model, Jaclyn is also a student at the University of Central Florida majoring in Radio/TV broadcast journalism. At the 2009 Miss Florida Pageant, Jaclyn received a Top 15 placement, Non-Finalist Newcomer of the Year, and the Most Beautiful Eyes awards..

Summer hairstyles are all about fun, casual looks that can take you from the beach to a night on the town effortlessly. The hottest trends right now involve using natural texture and movement to create a look that lasts all night, while only taking about 30 minutes to put together. These carefree and sexy styles are becoming a girl-on-the-run’s new best friend.

For Jaclyn we chose a beautiful, loose and wavy look that will leave people wondering how many hours she spent in the salon that day. This bouncy, fresh style of big beach waves goes perfectly with Jaclyn’s flirty and outgoing personality. With this new trendy look she can fit in anywhere from poolside to the red carpet. This hairstyle is a beautiful high-fashion accessory sure to leave a girl wearing it feeling confident and energetic.

When you decide to incorporate this look into your evening, it’s important to remember that “dirty hair” holds curl better. Luckily for you, during that rush to get ready after leaving the beach, your hair will be in perfect condition for this quick and easy style. If you happen to be heading in from the pool, have no worries. With the correct products, this look is still easily achieved on freshly washed hair as well. Recreating this chic style also gives you the perfect opportunity to do two things at once. Because your hair will need some time to cool, you can apply your makeup while you wait, cutting your preparation time in half.

From the cabana to the red carpet, this amazing and soft, young style can truly accompany you anywhere. The versatility of the waves can be worn down for a more carefree feel, or quickly be swept up into an elegant updo. With the right tools and know-how, this hot new look can provide you with endless possibilities.

Getting Dirty
The first step was to “dirty up” Jaclyn’s hair. We used Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic, sprayed into dry hair, and then used the blow dryer to heat seal the product into the hair. We also used Aveda’s Control Paste to coat the ends of her hair, ensuring a clean, no-frizz curl.

Model Jaclyn Raulerson

Going Curling
Next we took large sections of the hair and lightly coated them with Aveda’s Air Control Dry Hairspray before curling them with a 1 ½-inch barrel iron. After curling each section we pinned them to the head so they could cool in the curled position. After finishing this step, you’ll have time to apply your makeup.



Model Jaclyn Raulerson

Wave on Wave
After allowing the curls 10-15 minutes to cool, we unclipped each one. Using a paddle brush and our fingers, we tousled the curls (even having Jaclyn stand up and flip her head upside down, pulling the curls out) until they had fallen into loose, gorgeous waves.

Model Jaclyn Raulerson

Turn Up the Volume
We then did a little quick backcombing (teasing) at the scalp to ensure big, tantalizing volume that would last all night long.

Model Jaclyn Raulerson

Do the Twist
And finally, using Aveda’s Defining Whip, we randomly twisted the product into the curls for a more defined wave that would hold even through an evening on the runway or dance floor.

We picked this look for Jaclyn because, even after just meeting her, we could tell she had a fun and outgoing personality. This style is perfect for any girl looking to have a great time without all the fuss. In just 30 quick minutes you can easily create a new do that will have everyone whispering, “Who is she?”


Model Jaclyn Raulerson was crowned the 2010 Miss Largo a day before this photo shoot.

True Blue
This look was chosen for Jaclyn taking into account the shape and color of her eyes, natural color of her skin, and hair. These colors are in vogue and will enhance her beautiful eyes. A look like this can be worn any time of day or night. Liners can be different colors but use waterproof liners and mascara because of the humidity in the summer air. The white liner in the inner lower rim of the eye opens the eye and enhances the blue of the iris. Do not use a dark or heavy liner in the lower eyelid rim during the day since it can get messy with the heat and humidity. — M­yriam Fux


Paulo Figueiredo is currently the Aveda Institute Director. Before joining the Aveda/TSP family in 2008, he collaborated in many fashion/hair shows, photo shoots, and seminars throughout the United States and many other countries. He graduated with honors from Middle Georgia Technical Institute, and has received numerous awards for his contributions to the profession. His art, passion and technical skills, have inspired many people in the beauty industry. At the Aveda Institute he guides a team of the top beauty industry professionals. Paulo has collaborated with designers such as Prada, Gi Gang, Nicole Miller, Erin Wasson and Tuleh to name a few. He is also active in a variety of social and cultural organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, Locks of Love, and NAHA .



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