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Hairstyles lead: It's Time to be Short
Tatiana Schoeppler is the reigning Miss Gasparilla 2009.

Long is the New Short:
There are equally plenty of long and short styles that are hot for the fall season, but with Tatiana we decided to showcase a style that displays how long hair can also be short. By using different curls and enough holding spray and pins, we gave her an up-do that is effectively creative, consistent and comfortable.


One of the most amazing things about predicting seasonal hairstyles is that sometimes all it takes is a good memory. By thinking back to successful styles of years past—and no, not 2005 or 1999, think back further—we can take advantage of old successes by combining them with modern techniques, flair and creativity. Call it evolution or call it thievery, but either way call it looking fantastic.

Not only is it amazing, though, it’s also a basic convenience for walking into a salon and demanding to look good or simply staying home and doing it yourself. But if creativity is your desire, then we’re obviously more inclined to advise you to leave it in the hands of a professional. After all, there’s an incredible—and possibly humiliating—difference between getting a bob cut and committing a hair massacre.

Whichever your historical hairstyle preference, the two popular eras for this season appear to be the 80s and the 30s. And that’s not to say we’re suggesting that you begin overloading your hair with Aqua Net or making appointments for tight perms. The key is to recognize a trend as it’s beginning and to make assumptions based on that, or let your salon professionals make those assumptions for you.


Tatiana Schoeppler is the reigning Miss Gasparilla 2009.

Half and Half:
With this style, we’ve given Tatiana the best of both worlds. She has long, full hair, but with this kind of style—or any variation of it for that matter—she gets the comfort and ease of short hair with very little work.


Take last year, for instance. Last fall the celebrity rage was short hair. The shorter the better was the standard, which, of course, meant taking big chances. What it means right now, though, is that you’re more than likely left with limited options. The good news is that if you’ve kept your hair short, you’re still in the same ballpark for this season. The bad news is that without long hair you may miss out on all the fun.

But fret not. Short is still the hot look as the weather cools down. This year’s style is not only what you do with it, but how short you make it. The short, almost boyish cropped bob style is the height of fall styles for the shorter hair. It sounds odd, but masculine trends are translating well to feminine faces. As far as the style of crop, that’s where the timelessness of past eras comes in. Embrace the 80s with a basic boy-cut style, or go all the way back to the 20s and 30s by adding some small waves. Either way, if your fall season is highlighted by short hair, then you can’t and won’t go wrong with the bob.

If your fall styles features long hair, then it really can’t get any simpler for you. Be straight and to the point by keeping your hair, well, straight. That’s it, simple enough, right? Straight obviously doesn’t take much to maintain—in most cases—but the good news is that it’s acceptable to let your straight hair even be a little messy this season. Just when we say it can’t get any easier, it still gets easier. Think organized-yet-disheveled. Maybe even controlled chaos. No matter what ironic combination you use, just know that it’s fun and acceptable.


Tatiana Schoeppler is the reigning Miss Gasparilla 2009.

Step to the Side:
Calling upon the resurrection of an old 80s style, we left the end of her up-do free to hang down off the side. It’s fun and unique, but it also carries a sophisticated, professional look.


We’ll admit, though, that straight can be a little dull, especially when the season’s other options offer so much more creativity. With long hair, if it flows, then you have to show it off. It’s like a revival of the flowing hair of the 60s and 70s, with shine and volume perfectly shaping your face. If your hair bounces, let it bounce and if it flows then you should definitely let it flow. There’s no point in denying what nature intends, especially if it’s the perfect look for this fall season.

The other option with long hair is always to give the illusion that it’s short. It not only adds to your arsenal of creative and fresh looks, but it also keeps you cool when your summer days are still late catching up to taking over for the fall days. If your hair has strong body and volume, then you should take advantage of your up-do options with a simple French twist. It’s an easy style that never dies, and it requires very little work and maintenance. And once you’ve got it, it stays there until you do something about it. It’s nice to have that kind of control over your options.

Another short and increasingly popular option for long hair is the milkmaid braid. This look is essentially key for much longer hair, as shoulder length and just-past-shoulder length aren’t going to be able to pull it off without extensions. In fact, with the medium lengths, you’ll be fine with just pulling it back or staying straight. But I digress.

The milkmaid braid is a very simple style to execute, as you just need to part your hair and then braid each side. A good measure to take while doing this is to use a smoothing spray or gel, which—obviously—keeps it smooth and neat from start to finish. Cross each braid over the top and use something to keep them in place like a bobby pin and—voila!—you’re a milkmaid.

Short or long, you’ve got so many simple options for the fall. But whatever you decide to do, make sure that creativity is your priority. It’s about standing out and looking good, and doing both have never been easier.


Marlon Molina is a Master Hairstylist and Colorist with 20 years experience in the field. He worked for the Miss Venezuela Beauty Contest from 1989 to 2000, as well as toured throughout Central and South America, Brazil and Venezuela with the Miss Venezuela Organization and Osmal Sozo. Marlon moved to the U.S. where he worked with famous salons and hairstylists in New York, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles, participating in runway and fashion shows with various international designers. He studied with award-winning stylists in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.


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