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Summer Styling Hairstyles

The weather certainly hasn’t shown it in some areas of the country, but summer is indeed on its way. And with summer comes the stress of fighting back the frizzy nature of your hair. It can be tough, unmanageable and basically an all-around pain in the neck. But before you do something drastic—like chopping it all off—keep in mind that you don’t have to suffer.

Summer is supposed to be a time of gorgeous hair, conjuring images of bouncy curls, flowing locks and fun styles. With the right treatments and some attention to detail, you can brush the hassle away and create a pleasant—and protected—hairstyle that will last you through the hot months and leave you aptly prepared for the cooler fall.

For starters, more is less this summer. Sometimes the greatest asset and tactic a girl can have with her hair is the ability to keep it simple. A basic ponytail will almost always do the trick. Combined with the proper products to ensure smoothness and volume, you can enjoy the frills of summer—pools, the beach, hot sun—without having to worry about the damaging agents like chlorine or saltwater. There are a great deal of quality leave-in conditioners available at beauty salons, and even in supermarkets, that deal with keeping your hair safe from sun damage. Use any of these sun repair conditioners as directed and you won’t even need to touch a blow dryer.

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a change with your hair in general. The summer is always the perfect time for you to take a bold chance and lose your long locks for a short style that is not only easy, but also works well with the timeless surf style that has been so iconic and synonymous with summer styles. If your choice is to chop, start with something less drastic like just below the shoulders. You’ll get more volume from the cut and you won’t feel like a different person. If the look feels right and you feel more daring, then go for it. The summer is your time to take chances.

The summer is also a time to go light. You don’t have to bleach your hair since the sun is going to do some of the work for you, but protection is the most important thing to remember. Sunscreen isn’t made just for your skin. Your hair needs to be protected from ultraviolet rays, too. Any time you apply sunscreen to your skin, make sure to spray some hair screen as well. This will keep your hair bright and shiny, as it would otherwise take on a dull, faded tone if left unprotected. After all, you don’t spend money at the salon just to have the sun undo your highlights. Even worse, if you’re blessed with natural color and shine, you’d hate to lose that classic beauty asset.

If your summer days consist of hanging out poolside and taking an occasional dip to beat the heat, the easiest step you can take in protecting your hair is to fight water with water. Soak your hair in the sink or shower before hitting the pool. This also goes for the beach. Even without the sunscreen, this is the first preventive step you can take against chlorine and salt. But it doesn’t mean you should leave the product out. Before you get in the pool or ocean, apply your sunscreen. After you get out, same thing.

As far as style, the summer is about bouncy waves and curls. By using the aforementioned leave-in conditioner, you have the liberty of allowing your hair to dry on its own. Use some tongs to give your hair a little extra shape, or tie it back with a hair tie or clasp and run a comb through it. As your hair dries, you’ll get a nice wave action that screams summer.

If all else fails, remember that it’s summer. A simple headband or even a baseball cap can make the most perfect look you could ever need. It’s all about the easiest way to turn heads by simply using your head.


Hairstyles Simple Steps


Simple Steps:
Tease your hair in the top and make a knot in the back. Combine the front layers by wrapping them around each other, with the first knot leaving some hair loose in the sides.


Hairstyles On the Town
Hairstyles On the Town


On The Town:
Divide your hair in small sections and twist each section just a little. Pin in the back, letting the ends loose to form a semi up-do. This is a relaxed look, elegant enough to use during the day at the beach, but also glamorous enough to wear out at night.




Wave On Wave:
Condition your hair before using a hair dryer, let it loose and then use a curling iron to curl just the ends. Don’t curl them all the way to the top, and you’ll get a beautiful, loose wave.



Marlon Molina is a Master Hairstylist and Colorist with 20 years experience in the field. He worked for the Miss Venezuela Beauty Contest from 1989 to 2000, as well as toured throughout Central and South America, Brazil and Venezuela with the Miss Venezuela Organization and Osmal Sozo. Marlon moved to the U.S. where he worked with famous salons and hairstylists in New York, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles, participating in runway and fashion shows with various international designers. He studied with award-winning stylists in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.



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