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 Fashion Showcase with Prom, Pageant, and Social Occasion Gowns
Prom Hair title

Whether created by nature or art, today’s hair goal is to create glamour. Girls are looking for the latest uncontrived styles with the nearly grown out bangs that everyone has adhered to throughout the summer. Hot trends for updo’s are side swept bangs, a little 80s backcombing and hair that you can put into a ponytail or twist into a knot.

For Pageantry & PromTime’s Fashion Showcase, we used these twists, tails, waves, curls and the classical straight style to create sizzling looks for our models. Whichever style you choose, remember that the proposal for 2009 is a fashion forward look.

Glamorous Curls Hairstyle
Princess Bun Hairstyle

We worked Stephanie’s hair with curling irons, mousse and a quick-drying spray. We then tied the half-hair to the back to create a glamorous look.


Ashley’s look is a classic princess bun. We parted her hair and took it to the top of her head and tied it in a bun with a very clean finish. We then parted the front of her hair on one side for the resulting princess look.

Twisted Updo
Parted Straight Hairstyle

Raimey’s hair was twisted in the back, and we let the ends stay out in tussled curls for some added fun.


With this style, we parted Coral’s hair in the middle so we could let the hair down in the back and then tie the front part into the back using loose curls.

Greek look hairstyle  
Curly Pompadour hairstyle

To create this Greek look for Kendra, we parted a braid in one half of her hair to the back. For volume on top, we backcombed and teased her hair.


To create Kaitlyn’s look, first we worked the hair with the curling irons. We then took the top of her hair, and created a bump (the proper name is pompadour) while the rest of her hair remained worn down.

French twist hairstyle
Classic teased hairstyle

For a little fun with Melissa, we did a French twist in the back and then left the ends in ringlet curls on the top.


We worked this beautiful hairstyle for Alyssa with classic rollers for added volume, lift and body. We then teased the base and finished the end with curling irons.

Ponytail bun with curls hairstyle

Lilliam Penaloza is a master hairstylist whose styles and creations are based on her inspirations for the international runways like New York’s and Miami’s Fashion Weeks. She has worked with celebrities like Ricky Martin and Shakira, as well as with such institutions as the Grammy’s and the Miss Universe Organization. She has 10 years experience with Rusk Beauty, and is currently with Work Innovation Salon in Orlando, FL, and can be reached at

With Crystal, we created another version of a ponytail by taking all her hair to the top and tying it into a bun with tussled curls. We then left the bangs out for a natural finish.


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