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Hot and Healthy Hairstyles

The hair trends for Spring have already been determined for us by the hair geniuses who work tirelessly backstage at all of the hottest fashion shows for the major fashion houses. This season’s hair trends are an exciting change from the stick straight hairstyles we have seen for several seasons. The major emphasis of this trend features extreme healthy hair.

We have compiled some backstage styling tips and tricks of the trade so that you too can achieve this season’s hottest hair looks. Think sleek, pulled back pony tails or tight buns, thick, straight healthy hair, braids, soft loose updo’s and twists. You’ll never be bored with your hair if you try these styles.


Sleek look hairstyle

Sleek Look Styling Tips:

For a sleek but non-greasy looking ponytail, smooth your frizzy hairs by gliding a matte sculpting wax—like ghd’s Sculpting Wax Matte Finish— over the top layer of hair before securing it into a ponytail.

Or to slick down every last flyaway hair, spritz your hair with a strong-hold hairspray and smooth down your hairs using an old toothbrush.


Curly Updo hairstyle

Curly Hair/Updo Styling Tips:

To create mega volume, tease your hair with a boar bristle teasing brush and even when you think you’re done teasing, tease some more. After creating height, secure your hair into a simple French twist.

Rake a small amount of strong-hold gel through your hair and twist it into a bun. Secure it with a clip or elastic to let hair set for 15 minutes. Let hair out to reveal a perfect soft curly texture. Then secure with bobby pins into a loose updo.

To get the imperfect curl look for this season, set your hair by rolling up four-inch-wide strips of tin foil. Wrap one-inch sections of hair around the foil roller and pinch the ends of the foil together to hold the hair. Next press a hot flat iron over the hair and foil. Let your hair set for 30 minutes.

Straight hairstyle

Straight Hairstyling Tips:

To get a perfect middle part, always part your hair when it is soaking wet and hold your comb flat on your scalp when creating the line so that it’s precisely straight.

For natural-looking straight hair, skip the flat iron and just use a blow-dryer and large round brush. This keeps hair supple. Help make the look last by applying a finishing spray. To make your blow-dry last a few days, don’t finish by spritzing your hair with hairspray. It will give your hair a sticky texture that won’t look as clean and shiny. Instead, apply a lightweight mousse—like Redken Touch Control 05 Volumizing Texture Whip—in damp hair before styling for hold. To maintain sleek and shiny hair, you have two primary options. The first is to choose commercial products designed specifically to help with shine and the second is to make your own homemade products.



Citre Shine Mist
The shine from this spray is instant, and the fresh, citron fragrance gives the hair an overall clean and healthy appeal. Additionally, Citre Shine Mist consists of vitamins and has a formula that protects the hair from the sun’s UV rays. You can find this mist at most drug stores and salons for around $10.

Color Shine Enhancer
Created by BC Bonacure, this product produces a brilliant shine while also protecting the hair from harsh environments and the sun. Made from natural fruit extracts, this enhancer is non-greasy, carried at most salons and runs around $20.

Goldwell Trend Line Shine Spray
The finish created with this spray is very elegant, working well with any hairstyle. The product is lightweight, offers a light hold and averages $12.50 a bottle. The one drawback to this product is that it can be challenging to find since only specific salons carry it.

Spray volumizers are a great option for adding a subtle mist of light that is delivered in droplets to help give the hair volume and shine without making it appear wilted.

Joico’s Spray Glaze
Considered a top seller, this formula offers a number of benefits, which include protection from the sun’s UV rays, frizz control, an extreme, light gloss that produces exceptional shine, as well as a very pleasant fragrance. The cost for Joico’s is approximately $20 and it is available at most salons.

Ruse Deep Shine Hold and Shine Hairspray
The shine produced is non-sticky and resists humidity. The result of using this product is a natural and healthy shine, and priced at just $15 with wide availability, this is another very popular choice.


Christina M. Kane is the founder and Chairwoman of the, an online career and education company serving the beauty industry. Ms. Kane is a qualified makeup artist and aesthetician who holds diplomas from ITEC, London; Cidesco, London; Confederation of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology, London; Dr. G.M. Collins School of Aestheticians, Paris; Linda Meredith Make-up School, London; and Portobello Beauty Therapy College, Dublin. Ms. Kane is a former booking agent for makeup professionals and owner of one of the largest accredited makeup schools in the United States.



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