Hairstyles: Playing the Part

Rocking a hairstyle with a middle part is always in style. From photo shoots to a well-groomed interview and stage appearance, this gorgeous look is an essential part of your pageant arsenal. It is all about having that super model red carpet vibe while you live out your glamour lifestyle dreams! As we all know in pageantry, every piece of your personal presentation is imperative to selling your brand, as well as your story. This hairstyle has become increasingly stylish because it looks effortlessly glamorous.
What You Will Need:
1) 2 Inch Curling Iron
2) Chi Maximized Volume Hairspray
3) Metal Tooth Brush
4) Teasing Comb
5) Alligator Pin Curl Clips
6) Bed Headrush Shine Spray
7) Redken Hot Sets Spray
Step 1: Brush Out & Prepare
Begin by brushing out your hair, and then use your
teasing comb or a paddle brush to add light volume
before you pin curl your hair. Make sure that all of the pieces are smoothed out before you begin. The idea is to create a smooth style with depth throughout the waves.
You will also want to add a heat protectant spray like Redken’s Hot Sets, which will also provide you with great
curl enhancement.
If your hair does not hold curl well, I suggest blow drying the Hot Sets into your hair and spraying Babyliss Mira-Curl generously throughout your hair before curling. You want to get in the habit of preparing your hair. This is one step even stylists miss from time to time, and it can prevent you from having a truly successful hair style. The better you prepare your hair, the easier the style out will be.
Step 2: Create the Part
Pay close attention when creating the middle part. Focus on creating a perfectly centered part that is clean and solid. Sometimes I even do a super light spray once I find the perfect sectioning. This helps weigh that area of hair down to keep the part visible.
You will want to vary the part based on the thickness of your hair, and your face shape. With a rounder face, you can definitely rock a center part because it will add the illusion of symmetry to your face. This part also adds length to the face, which can be slimming. With a more square face, make sure that your part line is not too deep. You want to celebrate the angles of the face. If you have a more oval shaped face, you can take the part as deep as you want. This face shape is often the most ideal for this particular style.
Step 3: Pin Curl
As you pin curl your hair, be sure that you keep the part marked. I often use blow dry clips to section out the hair for styling. Great sectioning is another way to ensure that you can create a smooth curl pattern that the style can be created from. For this particular look, you will want to make sure that you are deliberate in evenly sectioning your hair, while also curling smaller sections depth wise so that your hair gets tons of heat, and you don’t have to re-curl tons of sections.
The idea is to pin curl the hair to the style you desire. This way there is not a ton of fooling with the hair when you take the pins down. You want it to literally be an effortless process as you style the hair. I recommend alligator pin curl clips for this particular hairstyle. You want to make sure that your sections are all facing the same direction as well. This is how you get the section to blend as you create a smooth wave, instead of a more Farrah Fawcett look.
Time wise, I also recommend that you leave your pin curls up for 45 minutes – 2 hours. I usually pin curl the hair and then do makeup. This style is more about a relaxed curl, so don’t get overly worried about keeping them up for tons of hours. Be sure that you also spray the curls well if your hair has a hard time holding curl. You want them to have good coverage as they sit. I love Chi Maximized Volume hairspray to pin curl and style for this look.
Step 4: Style with Ease
When you are ready to take the curls down, switch to your metal wig brush. The metal will reduce any static that may build up. Be sure that as you drop the sections, you add an additional light tease and thoroughly comb through the hair. My advice is to try not to style the hair too much because the idea is an effortless flow. You literally want to be able to drop the hair, blend the waves, and go.
I recommend spraying lightly as you go and then doing a final spray of the bangs when you are finished. Use wrist flicked strokes to nudge the waves into a gorgeous blend as you style the hair. Sometimes, I even use my fingers to gently smooth the ends together. However, this style is totally about not overthinking it. If you want to add volume, that is ok, as well. Triple check your symmetry on your middle part, and then don’t be afraid to strut! A style this flawless will have you taking selfies and feeling fab! M

Liz Everett second language, from an early age, was glamour. Quickly realizing she had a passion for helping others achieve their beauty goals, Liz began working for the Victoria’s Beauty Brand. What started as a job soon became the embodiment of Liz’s desire to see glamorous women of all ages empowered by their unique beauty perspective. Eventually segueing into both the pageantry and entertainment fields, Liz has continued to develop her flair for curating gorgeous hair & makeup looks. Her keen eye for glamour has helped her land jobs in Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and Las Vegas, as well as drawing clients from the U.K., Canada, and beyond. In 2017 Liz also captured the “Beauty It’s Everywhere” hair and makeup artist of the year award. Contact Liz at, or visit