Straight Hair, Don’t Care

Use this styling guide to add some straight sophistication to you routine

Straight hair is always on trend, so this tutorial will help you whether you are wearing this style as a part of your everyday beauty routine or for an event. I love the simplicity of straight hair and I also want to share some great products you can use no matter your hair texture. Rebecca, the model in this tutorial, has a straighter texture, but you can see in the before photo it can still be a little tangled.
There are a couple of different ways you can approach your straightening strategy, so before I give you a full list of products and instructions, I will let you know what your options are for getting the best heat press into your lovely locks. When you straighten hair, your greatest focus has got to be getting the most thorough level of heat throughout the lock from root to tip.
If you have an extremely thick, curly texture of hair you may choose to start with it damp or dry. You will still need a blow dryer, but you can use Bed Head’s Blow-Out, which has a golden illuminating element to bring out the brilliance in your hair. I use this product for super straight hair, as well as on wigs and extensions. I am huge fan of the texture it gives to all different types of hair.
I also want to introduce you to a few other pre-straightening products because what you do before you break out the iron is just as important as the amount of heat you get on the hair. I recommend L’Oréal Studio Line Silk Gloss & Hot Straight Cream, as well as Redken Sheer Straight. These products will really help you get a straightening which will last through the elements. We all know maintaining the look throughout the day is the important part, no matter the season or event. It is always awful when you spend an hour straightening your hair, only to walk outside and loose every ounce of your chosen style.

Here’s What You Will Need:
Comb or Brush
Blow Dryer
Kenra Professional Shine Spray
Bed Head Blow-Out Cream
BaByliss Pro Porcelain 1 inch Iron
Chi Maximized Volume Hairspray

Hair Prep:
For this straightening session with Rebecca, we started with dry hair and I used the blow dryer to work several squirts of Bed Head’s Blow-Out cream into her hair. I was careful to create thin layers of the hair as I went so I could really maximize the shine this product provides. I l love that it also helps the hair hold the heat.
It is very important to go slowly for this part because you want to be sure the hair is completely tangle free. One of the worst things to try to get out is a tangle which has been heat pressed in. It is never a good idea to start straightening hair without a completely knot free head of hair.
Also, remember to go totally through the hair to complete the blowout portion. It will take less time to do the entire process and you also won’t get tired half way through your hair. I have done that too many times to count.

Straightening Your Hair:
You will want to make sure you have a clean section as you begin to straighten. If you have super thick hair you can use blow dry clips to hold your hair back as you work through. Becca is holding a one inch section in the photo. The idea is to start at the top of your hair shaft and move slowly down to the tip.
If you have a really hot, heat efficient straightener you should only have to run over each section once. If you have naturally curly hair you may have to go over the section a couple of times. Either way, make sure there is a decent amount of tension as you straighten so you are using the most effective technique.
Be sure also to comb the hair through after every other section. You may also choose to add a heat protectant spray as you go if you feel like your hair is a little more fragile.
Once you have completed this step on the whole head of hair, you will have a gorgeous straightening job. We only have one more step to perfect this style even more.

Flawless Finish:
Once you have straightened the hair, tame any flyaways by spraying two squirts of hairspray on your hand and smoothing the hair. I like to use my hand as opposed to a comb or brush to keep the static down as much as possible. I always recommend Chi Magnified Volume, especially for a lighter hold.
You may also choose to finish with a shine spray. I am a big fan of Tigi Bed Head Headrush and Chi’s Shine Infusion. I love both of those sprays because they leave the hair gleaming, but not greasy. That is always important with your fabulous finished look.

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