Makeup: Classic Smokey Smoldering Eye

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This winter look will make your eyes pop with color

The key to a beautiful smoldering eye is great color that is not overdone. The classic smokey smoldering eye is usually based on a deep chocolate or black. For this eye, I wanted a vampy finish to create a high fashion look using an amazing new product I found out about while taking a makeup class recently.

Since navigating a unique look can be hard for all of us, I wanted to create a tutorial which provides you inspiration, with great techniques. So, get ready because this look is fabulous for modeling, pageantry, and all glamorous occasions.

One thing you will notice is the focus of the classic smokey smoldering eye look is to curate an enhanced eye shape. It gives the client a gorgeous pop on the face because it maximizes the eye shape. This look creates a bold first impression and looks fabulous on camera.

Preparing Your Face

Skincare is the most important step for anyone’s makeup look. Prepare your face by making sure you have your moisturizing game on point. I love Genie Beauty Dream Cream and Mario Badescu’s Hydro. The night before any event, be sure to uber hydrate your face.

The next level of preparing your skin is primer. I used Benefit’s Pore-fessional to minimize and spot treat any enlarged pores using Maybelline’s Baby Skin for the total skin primer. From hairline to neck is recommended. Most people just focus on the face being primed, but it is important, especially in front of the camera, to have even coverage all the way to your décolletage.


As shown in the product list, Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous foundation is fabulous! I fell in love with it using it on clients who had dry skin or who wanted a more dewy look. I love that this foundation offers a nice selection of color tones, provides an easy application and gives you a beautiful finish.

When applying the foundation, I used Morphe’s Y11 – Deluxe Pointed Contour brush, using a circular buffing stroke. It’s all about creating a smooth finish. Take your time with this application to ensure you have a great foundation.

Some people love to apply their foundation with a beauty blender. If you choose a sponge application, I recommend Real Techniques beauty blenders. They are so incredibly durable. It gives you tons of blendability while taking no time at all. You can use your sponge dry for a lighter application or damp for a higher level of coverage.

I use about a quarter size dollop of the foundation and then blend away! Again, make sure you cover from hairline to décolletage. Your coverage should be beautifully applied underneath your chin, over your ears, and on the back of your neck if you are wearing your hair up in a ponytail.


For this tutorial, I used a strobed liquid highlight with a bronzer contour. Jamye Shaw’s concealer is comparable to Tarte’s Shape Tape. I enjoy the flexibility it gives me to really create a look that is high definition. This concealer is two steps down from Rebecca’s skin tone to create a dazzling visual impact. This application was created with a sponge to keep the placement exact, while using a stipple stroke to make sure the coverage was thorough as well.

This step is all about honoring the gorgeous angles of the face. Be sure you keep the angle at a higher diagonal to really slim the face. You want to aim to hug the top of the cheek bone. Keep all the details on point by getting over near the tear duct and up by the temple as well. That slant will really bring the visual focal point to the eye.

I always say you should be literally building the face around the eye. The eyes are the windows to the soul. I love for people to compliment my client’s eyes, so before I even apply the eyeshadow, I am already positioning the visual alignment.

Powder and Highlight

This process is all about locking in your smooth canvas. Use a finely milled, loose powder. My top two favorite loose powders are from Laura Mercier and Jamye Shaw.

Although baking is not as popular a makeup process trend wise, you can use this style technique to seal the foundation in place. This just adds a lasting seamlessness to the face and also helps you keep your look fresh.

I suggest using a stipple stroke for your application. On Rebecca’s look, I used Morphe’s #Filter4 pressed powder to add some dimension. You can complete this step with a classic powder brush. Remember not to swipe back and forth!

Once you complete this step, it’s time for bronzer and highlighter. Bronzer is the spice of all makeup! I love to use the side of a beauty blender to amp up the finish. Simply press the bronzer into your skin. It gives you tons of pigment with limited effort. My new favorite bronzer palette is Private Society’s Glow Getter.

Eyes and Lashes

The eye for this look is simple with a ton of pizzazz. I wanted to create a smoldering effect which leaned smokey, but had a color tone. Instead of eye shadow, I used a fabulous cream product by artist Danessa Myrick. Her Color Fix product is absolutely wonderful. You can use it on the eye, the skin, or the lip.

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