Chignon for Any Occasion!

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Learn how to perfect this classic, stacked chignon hairstyle

Whether you are ready for a fabulous updo for stage competition or you are a bride looking for an elegant style to wear, this curl stacked chignon is perfect for you. I love this style because it really is a gorgeous statement. It lengthens your neck, gives you a really soft facial silhouette, and draws tons of attention to your beautiful face.

Here’s What You Will Need:

1 Inch BaByliss Curling Iron
Rat Tail Comb
Goody Bobby Pins
Ion Hard to Hold Hairspray
4 Black or Clean Rubber Bands

Step 1: Start With Pinned Curls

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Pinned Curl

Begin by prepping your hair for fabulous volume and shape with great pin curls. I recommend using a one inch curling iron. I prefer the BaByliss 1 inch iron because it really creates awesome curls which last.

I love the way the heat works through the hair, especially when I am pin curling the hair. Your curling iron can actually make a huge difference in the finish of the style, so make sure you have an iron that is a quality source of heat.

Start with two inch wide sections which are thinner depth wise. Make sure you start at the top of the hair shaft to create a well-rounded curl. I suggest you also use a light spray and light tease to help begin to create volume for
the style.

Step 2: Stack 2 Ponytails

chignon hairstyle, easy chignon, pageant hair, prom hair
Stack 2 Ponytails

Anchor the style with 2 small ponytails. Create one right in the center of the back of the head and the other one at the crown of the head. Be sure to use 2 rubber bands on each ponytail. You will also want to make sure you smooth the ponytails by combing through, as well as adding a light spray.

I like for the 2 ponytails to the have a bit of space between them. I do this so there is an even space for the hair to fit as you begin stacking it later in this process.

Step 3: Front Puff

chignon hair, pageant hair, prom hairstyle
Front Puff

Use your comb to tease the center. Adjust the height of the puff to your desired style. Make sure there are no holes in the top section and secure the sides with 2-3 bobby pins.

Everything in the center affects the security of the finished style, so make sure you pin the puff well.

You will also want to be sure the end pieces are well combed, so as you continue to build the style, you have a smooth transition.

Step 4: Cross the Top Section

easy chignon, pageant hair, prom hairstyles, hairstyle tips
Cross The Top Section

This is a key piece to this style. It is imperative that this section placement is super smooth. Once you take the pin curls down in this section, comb well, reinforce the tease, and keep combing it through as you place it over the top.

One of the keys here is to place the hair over the top puff section pins. That way you have no exposed bobby pins to distract the eye. Secure this placement by spraying it and use 3-4 bobby pins as well. I always follow up the placement and spray with a light final comb over. This makes sure the exposed section is uber-smooth.

Step 5: Add the Bottom Section

easy chignon, pageant hair, prom hairstyle, hairstyle tips
Add The Bottom Section

Repeat what you did for the top section with the back section. This section needs to be extra smooth as well. Because it is exposed, be sure you really secure it well so it does not buckle.

You want to meet and marry the back section with the top section you just smoothed. Comb through the back as you place it. Be sure to use 3-4 bobby pins and make triple sure the sectioning blends well when you place it.

Step 6: Brush Out the Curls

Carefully brush through the lose section of your hair. You want to be sure that there are no knots in your hair. Do not comb through it with your fingers. You do not want finger oils on the strands of your hair.

Step 7: ­Separate, Coil and Stack

easy chignon, pageant hair, prom hairstyles, hairstyle tips
Separate, Coli And Stack

You will finish the style by choosing 1 inch sections, coiling the piece, and securing it will a bobby pin. Stack the curls and take time to step back from the mirror to be sure that the placement transitions well. The key is intertwining the curls carefully.
Be sure to spray the curls. Finish by checking your hairstyle’s shape as well as the transitions. You will have a curl stacked chignon which can’t be beat!

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