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Sweet Fifteen Katherine Haik might be the youngest girl to hold the title of Miss Teen USA, but she is ready to handle her responsibilities like a pro W PHOTOS COURTESY OF MISS UNIVERSE L.P., LLLP ith a population of only several thousand people, Franklinton, Louisiana certainly qualifies for the description of a “small, little town.” At least that’s how 15- year-old Katherine Haik describes her hometown when talking about it in the most endearing way possible, and she has every reason to love Franklinton, because she’s probably the most famous resident the small, little town has ever known. The residents even recognized this fact when they celebrat- ed the new Miss Teen USA with her very own day. Katherine is the second Miss Louisiana Teen USA to go on to capture the national crown, but she’s already cemented a legacy for herself by becoming the youngest girl to ever become Miss Teen USA. Age is certainly nothing but a number when it comes to the brilliant, charismatic, and confident young ladies that this organization consistently re- wards, so Katherine believes that just because she’s the youngest, it doesn’t mean that she’s not capable of being the best of her kind. 54 Pageantry magazine: What does the title of Miss Teen USA mean to you? Katherine Haik: The title Miss Teen USA is like a job. It’s about inspiring young girls to be themselves and just being a positive role model for so many teens out there, and I’m really excited about working with causes and charities that I’m passionate about, and just making the best of this year and having the time of my life. PAGEANTRY