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pageantry interview ● olivia jordan Enjoying Every Moment PHOTOS BY MATT PETIT Miss USA Olivia Jordan speaks with Pageantry about her responsibilities, rewards, authenticity, and outperforming expectations as Miss USA O livia Jordan’s year as Miss USA may have start- ed with a tad of controversy, but this aspiring actress put it all in perspective as she embraced her position as a role model for women across the country. Not just a country girl from Okla- homa, Olivia is just as comfortable wearing a pair of jeans at a Pro Rodeo event, attending the Super Bowl, and work- ing with charitable organizations as she is walking the Red Carpet in Hollywood or the Runway for New York Fash- ion week. With only a short time before she passes on the title of Miss USA, Olivia spent some time with us reliving her magical year and her goals to take the entertainment world by storm. While there are still a few items she hopes to ac- complish as Miss USA, this Friends fanatic has her focus set on Hollywood success once she relinquishes the crown. As the first woman to wear the crown of Miss USA from Oklahoma, we know this is only the first in a long list of ac- complishments for Olivia, and we are positive you’ll see more of her in the near future, very possibly entertaining you as the next great sitcom star. Pageantry magazine: It was a crowning under dif- ferent circumstances last year in Baton Rouge. What memory still stands out from when you cap- tured the Miss USA crown? Olivia Jordan: Oh my gosh, it was just the most magical night of my life, still. I just think about Baton Rouge with the fondest memories. It’s hilarious. They took such good care of us. They really treated everyone in the organization, all the contestants, like we were royalty and it was so love- ly. I just look back at that time with, of course, the fondest 70 PAGEANTRY memories. Then, for it to end the way it did and for my dream to come true of being Miss USA. I mean, it can’t get better than that. PM: There was a lot of drama leading up to pageant week and you were witness to some drama at the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas. What were you thinking when you saw Steve Harvey entering the stage to cor- rect the announcement? OJ: Well, I mean, it was just a really crazy moment. That’s not something that you can prepare for or think would ever happen in a million years, so I think it has a lot of emotions going through it all in seconds. But I was just definitely shocked, and confused, and ultimately I think that it all worked out. We have an amazing Miss Universe and I am also happy for Miss Columbia. She’s been able to turn this into great opportunities for herself, for her career, and bringing money to Columbia. PM: You’re very busy and you seem to be everywhere lately as you prepare to crown your successor. OJ: Yes. I had the amazing opportunity to go to Haiti with Smile Train. This organization has done so much globally. They’ve collected for over a million smiles to help people with cleft lip and cleft pallet. It’s just unbelievable what they do. I was so moved by the experience and going to Haiti, and seeing the incredible beauty of the landscape and the beauty of the people there. They are just such warm, happy people, and they live in such extreme poverty. It was a good experience because I saw where these needs are and how I can be part of, hopefully, bringing more awareness to cleft pallet and cleft lip. Also recently, I just got to host the