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Who Needs Sleep? The first ever Miss Nevada USA to wear the crown of Miss USA, Nia Sanchez has embraced every last second of her whirlwind year of unparalleled royalty T here was a little bit of humor involved with Nia Sanchez being crowned the 2014 Miss USA. After all, she was the first Miss Nevada USA to ever win on the national stage, and it just so hap- pened to occur at the first event to be held out- side of Las Vegas in seven years. Oh, to only imagine the celebrations that would have taken place in her home city on that June night, but it probably didn’t matter to the woman who had been competing in the Miss USA state and local systems since she was 19. Whether in Vegas, baby, or Baton Rouge, Louisiana, nothing changed the fact that Nia Sanchez was finally Miss USA. Like her predecessors, Nia has spent her time as Miss USA on a nonstop tour of everything from local and na- tional media outlets to other countries, but unlike many of the fabulous women who came before her, Nia almost com- pleted the ultimate challenge. On January 25, she joined 87 other women in the quest for the 2015 Miss Universe title, and she fell just short of becoming the ninth American woman to ever wear both crowns. Instead, she became the ninth American woman to be named first runner-up at Miss Universe, but that’s hardly a bad thing. Nia has al- ready accomplished so much in her year as Miss USA, so it’s hard for her to be upset about anything. Pageantry magazine: Looking back to when you captured the title of Miss USA, what memory is still the most vivid? Nia Sanchez: I think when they called my name. That moment is one of those moments that you know your life is changing forever. I was so overwhelmed with so many emo- tions. I’ll never forget the very second they called my name. 72 PAGEANTRY PHOTOS COURTESY OF MISS UNIVERSE L.P., LLLP pageantry interview ● nia sanchez PM: Is it still a dream? NS: It’s still a dream. I think it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me. I’m having so much fun. Especially now that Miss Universe is over, I’m trying even more to soak in every single second that I have left. I even told my manager to fill my schedule. As many things I can do, I want to do all in one short amount of time. PM: Tell us more about your travels. Has there been a favorite place? NS: I’ve had so many fun travel opportunities. We get one vacation week as Miss USA. I said I’m going to Asia. I had fun in Hong Kong and Tokyo. But my number one favorite place was Prague. I went to Prague with Miss Universe [Gabriela Isler] last year to watch them create the crown and get to know the designer. I had so much fun there. It’s such a fun city, so much culture and so much history. I’m someone that’s obsessed with history. PM: Of course, you’ve asked them to load that sched- ule up and they’re going to do that. Take us through a normal day as Miss USA, if there is a normal day. NS: Right. What would you consider a normal day? I think there’s always a large variety which is something that I love. I would wake up, I normally work out because I like to start my day with a workout. Then, I’ll come into the office. I’ll meet up with my manager, Emily. We go over whatever we