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your look ● makeup By Yulia Riebman In Lashes We Trust There’s no need to restrain yourself-it’s time to lash out! T hey frame the windows to the soul, thus can’t be taken for granted. Let us show you the im- portance of artificial eyelashes and the differ- ence they can make in a girl’s beauty repertoire. Beautiful and pronounced eyelashes are crucial in really making your eyes pop. This single change can make a girl go from “oh” to “wow” in just a blink of an eye. Speaking from our everyday experience with commer- cial, as well as fashion events and photo shoots, we know that the camera diminishes the intensity of any color. To get a perfect photo, your makeup should be a couple of shades darker than you would normally wear it. That also applies to eyelashes. This time, the Pageantry Beauty Team shows you one of our all-time favorite smoky looks, with the additional drama of lashes for a total transfor- mation. Our beautiful model Karla already has gorgeous pronounced features, so for her complexion we chose a plum purple smoky eye and nude lips to keep all the focus on her eyes! BROWS Start by filling in your brows with any matte shadow that is close to your hair color. Make sure to use the product lightly at the inner ends to avoid “boxy” brows. SMOKEY EYES Apply your favorite eyeshadow primer, evenly distributing it on your lids. Less is more in this case. We decided to use tape to stencil a super crisp line after we finish. When using tape, place it parallel to the inner wing of your brow along the lash line, leaving some space under your bottom lash line. 24 PAGEANTRY Photo By Vladimir mayBoroda AFTER Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Karla Goodwin is an in demand print, runway, video and beauty model, and actress who began her career the age of sixteen. In addi- tion to her work within the modeling and acting fields, Karla works with children on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD) as a behavior therapist.friends. For a seamless smoked-out effect, start by applying a matte light beige or taupe color right above the crease BEFORE with a circular brush motion. Then, take a darker purple color from your matte pallet and place it right at the crease, then blend them together. Use a dark plum shadow for your outer “V” and blend all of the harsh lines thoroughly. Take a fresh brush and apply a light pearl color on 1/3 of your inner lid, followed by a darker shimmery color right in the middle and into the outer “V.” With a smaller brush, use the exact same colors on the bottom lid, blending one color into the next.