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your look ● fitness Spring into Action Warmer weather calls for bare arms and legs-are you ready to reveal a better you? I t’s amazing how slowly time can pass when you are sitting inside as the snow falls outside. However, the winter blues are about to be a thing of the past, as the sunshine and warmer days of spring burst onto the stage. It’s time to put away the coats and hats, and pull out more revealing styles. As the weather warms up, jump-starting a daily workout program now can make the difference between settling for a figure hiding disguise and having the body to wear whatever fashions you favor. At the end of the holiday season, it’s not unusual to have neglected your physical activity while indulging your appetite. Now, there may be areas of your body that are keeping you from wearing the styles you prefer. Rather than being forced into finding clothes that merely hide your flaws, it’s time to dedicate yourself to the sweat, tears, and sore muscles part of improving your body. A fitness program can help you reduce or eliminate those problem areas and allow you to wear those cute spring- time fashions. In addition to exercise, you will benefit from changing your eating habits. It’s never too soon to stop mak- ing unhealthy choices and to begin choosing foods that will im- prove your health and help reshape your body as well. Now is the time to begin a program to ensure that you have the healthy and toned body you deserve. Three areas are vital to your success: aerobics, muscle toning, and nutri- tion. AEROBICS To burn off excess body fat, you must perform some type of aerobic activity six days a Remember that, week for a minimum of 30 minutes. You may want no matter how to consider speed walk- toned your mus- ing on a treadmill or around your neighbor- cles are, you will hood, or maybe a sta- not be able to see tionar y bike works better for you. Whatev- them if they are er you decide, it is impor- hidden by layers tant to keep your heart rate around 70 percent of of body fat your maximum heart rate. To 104 PAGEANTRY FITNESS Continued on page 148