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Plan Your Perfect Prom! Can’t seem to get started down the right planning path? Simply follow this checklist to enjoy your perfect Prom evening 4 MONTHS BEFORE PROM 4 WEEKS BEFORE PROM Go through the Pageantry & PromTime 2016 Fashion Showcase and select your fa- vorite gown. Start to break in your Prom shoes by wearing them around the house. Check the Pageantry & PromTime online boutique to help choose your gown. If it isn’t available, visit the designer’s web site for more information. Pick up your Prom dress. Remember to try it on to ensure the proper fit. Total up how much everything is going to cost then plan a budget. Ask parents to con- tribute $$$ if necessary. Contact the friends with whom you will be attending prom. Book a photographer to take pictures of you and your date for your parents. Reserve your limousine or decide who is driving if arriving by car. 2 WEEKS BEFORE PROM 3 MONTHS BEFORE PROM Begin your workout routine to slowly and safely lose any excess weight. Eat healthy and cut out fast foods. Begin to maintain your skin, hair and nails. See Pageantry and PromTime for details. 6 WEEKS BEFORE PROM Start making plans for the Prom After- party. Choose a restaurant if Prom ticket does not include dining Book Hair, Makeup, and Nails appoint- ments today! Go over Prom night plans with parents. Better safe than sorry, confirm ALL reservations and appointments. Order your date’s boutonnière. 1 WEEK BEFORE PROM If you are doing your own hair or makeup, visit, choose a great style and start practicing! Try on your dress with all your acces- sories. Double check that everything fits. PROM DAY Pick up date’s boutonnière. Give yourself plenty of time to go to your hair, makeup, and nail appointments. Take some cash with you just in case. PROM NIGHT Have a safe, sober, and outstanding Prom! 70 PAGEANTRY