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your look ● hairstyles By Wilmariel Lozano PHOTO BY TED WEST The Ponytail Express Start the spring season in glamorous style by expressing yourself with a fresh twist on the classic ponytail S pringtime is the season for new beginnings, new fashions, red carpet style, and glamour. New looks debut in the spring and hairstyles can range from a new twist on a classic style to a hot mess. The Pageantry Beauty Team chose the low, messy ponytail hairstyle for this season because it’s the perfect combination of classic yet trendy for the spring. A ponytail will keep the hair out of your face so that you always look glamorous for the cameras, whether you are at your high school prom or on the Academy Awards red carpet. Since our model Olivia has long, fiery red hair, I select- ed a low, messy ponytail with a little volume on the top. This unique hairstyle will give her a sophisticated-yet-fun appearance and will make her look absolutely radiant on her big night. This kind of style will also work perfectly for a red carpet photo op or even a wedding reception—any- where a camera may be following you around. PREPARATION IS KEY It is critically important that your hair is blow dried straight so you can achieve a sleek and smooth look on the top. Never try to flat iron your hair if it is not dry, it will damage your hair severely, warns Pageantry Beauty Team stylist Miranda Williams. Blow dry your hair first, then, if need be use the flat iron. Olivia Haskins is Miss Pike County USA 2016 and a featured model in the Pageantry & PromTime 2016 Fashion Showcase in this very issue. take a section of hair and curl from the middle of the sec- tion, down to the ends. Curl the entire head of hair, bottom to top, with a small curling wand. Using a light hair spray on the curls first will give them a little extra hold. Remember, when styling, wrap hair away from your face and hold the iron at a 45-degree angle, especially in the front. Keep your hair on the iron for about 10 seconds (de- pending on thickness). Repeat until all of the sections are curled. Let the curls cool down before styling for longer lasting curls. What’s that? You don’t have a curling wand? Here’s a lit- tle trick: use your small curling iron like a curling wand. In other words, wrap sections of hair around the iron (over the clamp instead of inside). Bonus: by doing this, you achieve straighter ends and an overall more casual feel. QUEUE THE CURLS After your hair is blown dry and/or flat-ironed straight, create a part down the middle and clip the hair up. Next, 28 PAGEANTRY CROWNING MOMENT After curling the entire head, lift the hair on the crown