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your look ● jewelry RALPH LAUREN Bigger, Better, & Bolder than Ever Leading designers have left simplicity behind and are delivering new jewelry styles that are more dynamic and even technologically advanced W hen adorning and ele- vating our outfits over recent years, the familiar mantra of “less is more” was a basic steadfast rule to live by for a sophisticated style. Looking at the upcoming collections from some of our favorite jewelry de- signers gracing the runways of Paris, New York and London for the Spring 2015 season, we get an idea of what modern style upgrading really means for this year. If you thought “less is more” was a bold fashion statement, imagine the possibilities of this year’s proclamation, “More is more.” The jewelry collections featured on the catwalks at the major Spring 2015 Fashion Week events were a great mix of subtle styles and radically bold statements. So, although the familiar sleek minimalist jewelry pieces were present, the introduction of big and 76 PAGEANTRY bold chunky chokers, oversized pen- dants, slogan bracelets, and asymmet- rical earring combinations put the fashion world on notice—it’s time to go big or go home. NOTABLE NECKLINE The Ralph Lauren collection, an iconic American brand of elegance and sophistication, infused an abun- dance of vivid bright colors including blues, pure white, jet black and orange in a stunning presentation. The use of large crystal stones embellishing the necks and torsos of his models provid- ed the perfect combination of ornate beauty and ostentatious style. choker and its bold black color is bound to command attention. EARRING EVOLUTION The single earring trend we cov- ered in depth last season has evolved into an entirely new expression of ear ornamentation—the asymmetrical look. Whether complementing each other in color or mismatched in shape or length, the allure is in its unexpect- ed irregularity, as can be seen in this edgy Louis Vuitton retro-hoop cre- ation. These big earrings harken back to the ‘80s “door-knockers” which were everywhere, from pop stars like Madonna and Debbie Gibson, to the girl next door. ALL CHOKED UP Narciso Rodriguez chokers are like raw sculptures that seem to have been chiseled out of smooth obsidian rocks. The sheer magnitude of the chunky BET ON BLACK The Céline Spring 2015 collection exuded the relaxed elegance and so- phistication of their designer Phoebe