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your look ● makeup By Yulia Konstantinova-Riebman PHOTO BY TED WEST Awakening Your Beauty Achieving the perfect natural spring look can take some work, but once you’ve done it, you’ll be set for almost any occasion N o matter how long the winter, the first blooms of spring are sure to uncover your sleeping beauty and make your heart sing. It’s the time of year when we find inspiration in literally anything around us. For many people the spring season means purity and awakening, and it’s a time when we real- ly don’t need to try hard to look, feel and be fabulous. For that reason, it is important not to overdo your makeup. Go for light, fresh colors and a natural look. Pageantry’s Beauty Team is here to share some fun and easy makeup techniques that you can incoporate into your own makeup routine. The look we’re demonstrating here is very versatile and glowingly natural. Your eyes get all the attention with- out looking too dramatic. You can control the intensity of the color on your eyes to take it from a morning or daytime activity, like an audition or interview, to any evening event and still look fabulous. For our beautiful model, Fatima, we picked a golden bronze pallet with sea foam blue-green eye shadow to con- trast her gorgeous brown eyes, but you can choose any pret- ty color that does the trick for you. Before we get to that makeup look—a little note on the side—no matter how powerful makeup can be, it is the “can- vas” that you work on that is ultimately important, so we keep reminding you to take proper care of your skin, have a healthy diet, drink a good amount of water daily, and allow your skin to regenerate at night, so no sleep deprivation. 30 PAGEANTRY Fatima Domingush is a prolific print and fash- ion runway model working for numerous shows and brands. She is also a featured model in the Pageantry & PromTime 2015 Fashion Showcase. PREPPING THE CANVAS Depending on your skin type, choose the appropriate primer for dry, oily, or combination skin. Allow the skin to absorb it for a minute or two. No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, it can be quite intense and stressful at times, and the area under our eyes will show it immediately. Fortunately there is nothing a good concealer can’t fix, including any imperfections on your face. Apply one that matches your skin tone or a lighter shade, and blend it out for a smooth transition. TRULY FLAWLESS SKIN To achieve perfect coverage and a natural look, use an air- brush system that you can swear by, like Tru Airbrush Cos- metics. Move the air gun in circular motions across the face, allowing each layer to dry before coming back to it. Avoid the area under the eyes where we already applied concealer.