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your look ● jewelry Welcome to the Golden Age MORE THAN WORDS From chains to cuffs, gold jewelry is going to be huge again this spring, so don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of new, bold accessories J ewelry has always been an es- sential element of women’s fashion. Since before recorded history, women have been fasci- nated with precious stones and metals, as evidenced in archeological digs and the crude baubles and arti- facts discovered in ancient dwellings and civilizations. Jewelry is very rarely outdated, but with each season comes new trends… sometimes reviving or reinventing old trends. So as we ex- amine the trends that debuted on the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris, for the Spring 2014 season, that doesn’t mean that you can no longer wear vintage pieces. Remember, you can never have too much jewelry, so check out the up- coming trends and make sure to add some new pieces and especially styles to your jewelry box. MORE THAN WORDS Over-the-top, omnipresent word 74 PAGEANTRY pendants graced the runway due to the creative powerhouse behind Lan- vin’s latest collection, Alber Elbaz. The 2014 lineup showed a striking display of neckwear that included lay- ers of choker and mid-length gold curb chain wrapped around the neck- lines of schoolgirl chic models. Most noteworthy were the signpost word pendants spelling out ‘Help’, ‘Love’, ‘Hot, ‘Cool’ and ‘You’ and represent- ing what Elbaz refers to as “a state- ment of our time.” The entire collection screams glamour with an influence of graffiti and urban edge. FINDING YOUR TRIBE From Africa to Japan by way of Latin America, many of 2014’s collec- tions were influenced by hints of folk- lore. Rich embroidery, tribal jewelry, drapery and graphic prints all ap- peared on the runways as if directly torn from the pages of National Geo- graphic magazine. The Urban Tribal jewelry trend celebrates the global stage by embrac- ing African and South American in- spirations, and mixing them with modern styles and design techniques. The collection features naturalistic, beaded and anamorphic pieces in a modern design. Try a statement neck- lace decorated in multicolored beads or wrapped in thread, or load up your wrist with wooden bangles. ON THE CUFF They’re not only for Wonder Woman. The spring 2014 fashion shows saw ranks of stylish Athenian warriors walking the runway. The new collections draw their inspirations from an emerging clothing fashion trend of classic global sartorial sym- bols of power, including everything from leather boots to metal headwear and stacks of bracelets that appeared to cuff the arms with rays of sunshine. Powerful inspiration indeed.