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your look ● makeup By Sommer Isdale Bright Eyes, Big Results Color is your greatest ally in your springtime quest for the perfect makeup look, and our radiant approach is sure to have you turning heads L adies, listen up: Fresh, bright and dewy is how you want your makeup looking this spring. We are going for a natural face, neutral shadow, bright eyeliner and a bright lip that really pops. Just as spring flowers bloom, we want our faces to reflect these cheerful colors of nature that the flowers re- veal. Now, want to learn how to achieve this gorgeous glow and apply color correctly to the face? Keep reading to find out the step-by-step process so you, too, can leave the house looking effortlessly beautiful. I have named this look the “Bright Eye” because we used a radiant aqua blue to line the bottom waterline of the eye. Don’t be afraid of color, it looks fabulous if you apply it cor- rectly. This brightens up the eye and gives your makeup a fun edge that you can flaunt when out with your girlfriends shopping or on a night out attending a concert. The fun part about this look is that you can use any bright eyeliner color to line your eye, not just blue! If you are wearing your favorite purple shirt, try out an eggplant purple liner so your makeup looks a bit more daring. You can use any color you please, just be sure to keep the eye shadow on your lid neutral (tan, gold, brown), so there is not a color overload on the eyes. My makeup assistant, Jules Beecher, says that when wearing colored eyeliner, remember to keep the rest of your makeup muted. The brighter the color, the more of a state- ment it’ll make, so you should allow it to “command” all the attention. Keep your face and cheeks natural with earth tones, rather than bright colors. However, do play up your lip shade since the only other color on your face is your eye- 28 PAGEANTRY Cara Jayne Ludik is currently a model with Figures Models in South Africa. She is also a featured model in this issue’s Pageantry & PromTime 2014 Fashion Showcase. BEFORE liner. This particular makeup look shouts fun, so make sure you are having fun while wearing it. Our creation is focused around using an extravagant liner color, so it would be worn best on your evenings out, enjoying activities for entertainment purposes (not to the office or for business meetings). It is an exciting and play- ful look you can pair with a dress or heels that match the eyeliner color you are wearing. Here is how you can achieve this amazing look: DO YOUR PREP WORK We begin by washing the face thoroughly to ensure all makeup is removed. Then, we moisturize and prime the en- tire face so the makeup lies smoothly on the skin and lasts all day.