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your look ● body sculpting By Dr. Harvey C Jenkins, PhD, MD KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE: Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss Everdeen in the “Hunger Games” sequel, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Winning Your Own “Hunger Games” Hollywood’s greatest stories and literature’s grandest adventures all carry a parallel to your competitive quest, so use the morals to your advantage M any of you know what it’s like stepping into a hostile arena, where your every action is judged and any deviation from perfection has conse- quences. In the science-fiction novel “The Hunger Games,” written by Suzanne Collins, that “arena” is in the The Capitol, a dominant district in the the socially dystopian and post-apocalyptic nation of Panem. Here, “tributes” are young people selected by lottery from the lesser districts, engaged in a televised gladiator- style battle until only one remains standing. In this futuristic, reality-TV-based competition that panders to the blood lust of a ravenous society, each tribute retains coaches, who train them with the skills to hunt, hide, fight and survive. Each tribute has a “stylist” who helps the tribute appear his and her best to appeal to the Capitol’s audience. Each tribute embraces the process of getting to his or her goal by currying the favor of “spon- sors,” who may provide the gifts of food and sustenance necessary to effectively compete in the Hunger Games. What makes this scenario so fascinating is that the rules of the competition change. Mortal enemies become cher- ished allies, and in the end having the “right stuff ”—honor, character and preparation—becomes more important than any of these qualities alone. Although “The Hunger Games” involves an extreme 102 PAGEANTRY theme in a world of exaggerated hyperbolic proportion, there are reasonable parallels that can be drawn to the pag- eant world. You are the tribute Katniss, the title holder of District 13. Your next pageant stage is the Capitol arena. Your family, coaches, directors, stylists, couturiers, and di- rectors are likely essential parts of the team that prepare you for your upcoming competition. Following the return of Miss America to Atlantic City this year, I gained this perspective from one of my clients at the BodyTrends Medical Spa, Salon & Boutique, our own Katniss, Kelsey Griswold, Fitness & Lifestyle preliminary winner and 2nd runner-up to Miss America. BASIC MECHANICS OF FITNESS PREPARATION Any conversation with Miss Oklahoma, Kelsey Gris- wold, begins with an unsolicited barrage of gratitude for everyone who helped and supported her on this incredibly rewarding journey. Anyone who achieved what she has achieved has earned the right to be much less humble than she is. The key is clearly character. Preparation for Kelsey began before the Miss America title and well before the Miss Oklahoma title. Many coaches with whom a pageant contestant consults will offer many different approaches to fitness. Some may be beneficial and some may not be right for the contestant. Not all bodies are identical. Not all metabolisms are the same. Not all responses to exercise and diet will be the same. The most successful approaches will involve cus- tomization of the diet plan and the workout routine to the individual, taking into account the difference in body struc- ture, problem areas, content of the current diet, general health assessment, and a timetable to achieve specific