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YOUR LOOK hairstyles By Kristy Schanel Amanda is wearing a strong side part and ponytail that is curled with a large bar- rel curling iron. The elastic is hidden by wrapping her hair around and pinning it. The Showcase Showdown With so many new looks and styles to choose from this year, your options are limitless in looking glamorous at your Prom or any formal event this year entral Florida is known for it’s theme parks, as Or- lando and its surrounding cities play host to some of the world’s most known attractions such as Disney and Universal Studios. Of course, as famous as these destinations are, they also steal the attention away from some of the more subtle and beautiful attractions that don’t necessarily get the credit they deserve for making millions of va- cations so magical each year. One such unheralded attraction is the lavish and expansive Westgate Resorts, which has been a staple of Central Florida va- cation luxury for 30 years. Since its inception in 1982, the resort has grown to offer thousands of rooms, each with an understated elegance that provides the familiar feeling of home while combin- ing the stay with pure pampered luxury. That’s why it was an ab- solute no-brainer for Pageantry and PromTime to accept the offer of Westgate’s President and CEO David Siegel and his wife, Jacqueline—former Mrs. Florida America, a successful model, and Who’s Who in Pageantry recipient as well—to host this year’s Fashion Showcase at these renowned resorts. Of course, it goes without saying that the setting provided a unique treat to the young aspiring models who took part in this year’s Fashion Showcase, as their eyes were as wide as the door- ways to the modeling and entertainment industries in front of them. But as much as we want to boast about the locale, the true stars are always the models and the stylists who make them look even more beautiful and amazing than they already are. As always, Pageantry’s team of stylists brought their hottest new looks to dis- play on our models, and now you can decide which of those looks will suit you best. Ⅺ C 86 PAGEANTRY Briley’s dramatic side swept look is created by curling all of her hair, then loosely pinnning a chignon on the side, leaving pieces of hair out for softness. A tapered curling iron was used to design this hot look for Hannah. Run your fingers through your curls to loosen them up a bit.