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YOUR LOOK makeup By Shantell Tavarez Vintage is SO IN Right Now Some of the best makeup looks for spring will involve combining popular looks from the past, present and even the future ariety comes in many forms this spring. Trending this season, we have a series of futuristic, metallic eye shad- ows, smoky shadows and liners done in fresh, redefined ways, and a timeless vintage makeup coupled with a modern, fresher appeal. Here, we see a return to the old, well-lit vanity mirror and table drawer in breathing life back into the timeless look. To achieve the classic vintage look opt for neutral eye shadow colors and blazing red lips. Feline eyes with naturally-looking false lashes or good mascara will make your eyes pop as well as give a seductive edge to your gaze. A bit of rosy or pearl-tinted shadow in the inner corner of the eye can also create a good contrast with your eyeliner. Here is a rundown of how to achieve this season’s hottest look and certainly turn heads in any room you enter. V PHOTO BY TED WEST Amanda Renee Delgado is the reigning Miss U.S. International 2012. Born and raised in Southern California, Amanda is a true California girl. She loves the beach, she practices yoga and loves to travel. Amanda is a working model with a significant portfolio of accomplishments including being a featured model in the current editions of Pageantry and PromTime magazine’s 2013 Fashion Showcase. STEP 1: SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN Base: Begin with a freshly clean and moisturized face. Apply foundation onto face with a sponge or foundation brush. After the foundation, apply concealer to any blemishes, dark spots and im- perfections. Finally, apply a mattifying face powder to set. Matte foundation is generally a formula used on your face which creates a flat finish. Matte formulas do not reflect much light so it can reduce shine on your skin which can create an over- all soft velvety texture BEFORE STEP 3: TIME TO GET “CATTY” STEP 2: HIGHLIGHT REEL Highlight/Contour: Next, we moved on to highlighting and contouring. I used a bronzer to contour her cheekbones and jaw- line after which we applied blush. I then highlighted above her cheeks. Avoid using too much highlighter for this makeup. Re- member, this look is supposed to be very classic and matte. 78 PAGEANTRY Eyes: Moving on to the eyes, we applied an even layer of eye- shadow primer onto the lids. My preferred brands are Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and NYX eye- shadow base in white. After the eyes have been primed, apply a neutral beige shadow onto the lids. I then used a taupe matte eye- shadow on her crease (or socket bone). To locate your eye crease,