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YOUR LOOK hairstyles By Kristy Schanel Tressed to Impress This season, be adventurous with your hairstyles and try something that you’ve never tried before, because after all—it’s just hair s a stylist, I work with unpredictable hair and condi- tions every day. Not only with my clientele but also myself. It’s always a learning process as the times and styles change. However, a teacher once said, “It’s just hair”. So just cut it, color it, style it, and take a chance on it. It grows back. The style I chose for Amanda is long and romantic, with loose waves. I chose this for her because she has an amazing head of well-cared-for hair. This style is quite easy to attempt, and it does- n’t take a lot of effort to bring this fashion classic out. The ease of this should encourage you to change up your spring events, such as Prom, pageants, runway shows, weddings, or any casual outings, because it is so versatile and without much fuss. A IT’S CLEANING TIME You will need clean damp hair. In order to get some body and volume, we will use L’Oreal Professional Volume Expand at the base and run through the end a bit. For shine and heat protection I like LP Mythic Oil on the mid to end strands of hair. DRY AS A BONE PHOTO BY TED WEST “Pageants have helped me develop as a young lady. And having competed, directed, and judged pageants, I feel there is always a new experience to embrace and treasure.” “A crown on your head is beautiful... but if you never sparkled without it, you'll never sparkle with it.” Dry your hair to approximately 80%. When blow drying your hair, remember to always point the dryer down the hair shaft as blowing upward can cause frizz leaving your hair looking dull and lifeless. And, don’t hold the dryer too close to your hair or blow di- rectly on the scalp. Too much heat on the scalp will produce excess oil and flatten the style. While drying your hair, use a round brush for volume. Using your round brush during a hair drying session is the perfect base for creating soft curl and volume. PIN IT TO WIN IT When it’s fully dried, use an extra light spray before curling, like L’Oreal Professional Infinium #2 spray. After each section is sprayed and is curled with a 1” to 1 1/2” rod, pin the curl to the head so it can set. ~ Amanda Renee Delgado HIGHER AND HIGHER PHOTOGRAPHER: DOUGLAS ROBERTS 30 PAGEANTRY Depending upon the amount of volume desired, the detail is in