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YOUR LOOK jewelry Step Up Your Game BIB NECKLACE Jewelry will always be the best way to enhance your wardrobes for any occasion, from the casual and confident to the luxurious and daring othing brings a smile to our faces like a beautiful ring, a jangly neck- lace, or some elegant earrings. Whether it’s real or fake, big or small, understated or over-the-top, jewelry elevates our spir- its... and it can also elevate your look. Colorful accents and ac- cessories can be just what the fashion doctor ordered to make any plain or ordinary outfit outstanding. While jewelry can be of very emotional significance—an en- gagement ring, your grandmother’s pearl necklace, a Pandora bracelet signifying the birth of your first child—it is also a reflec- tion of your personal style. Some people can’t leave the house with- out loading up on bracelets, while for others simple stud earrings will do. No matter your preference, bits of bling are all about adding personal expression to your look—so don’t fret and have some fun with it. Follow these five simple tips and you’ll be on your way to flashy style in no time. N SIMPLE SAYS IT ALL In some instances, piling on the sparkles is a sweet way to ac- cent your look, but knowing when to stop is chic. An armful of bangles, for example, means you should really think minimal with your necklaces and earrings. Sometimes less really is more. And, tone it down when your clothes have a lot going on. A ruffle-front blouse can look stylish with a thin chain draped at the nape of your neck, but can look absolutely atrocious with a thick, multi- faceted piece. 98 PAGEANTRY A wide choker or bib necklace demands individual attention and should be your sole statement maker. Ditch the other jewelry when wearing such a scene stealing item. YOU’VE BEEN FRAMED Yes, earrings can be relatively small, but they are in the direct line of vision of anyone you talk to, so they should be well consid- ered. Whether you prefer simple studs every day or dangly drops, earrings can have a huge impact on your look. Small studs are perfect if you like a little bit of glitz and don’t like to change your earrings every day. Diamonds are ultimately complementary to any outfit, but pearls or gold or silver studs are just as versatile. Chandelier earrings draw attention. Keep your accoutrements limited with these stunners and do not overly distract with neck- laces, brooches, or bangle bracelets. TIME TO GLAM IT UP You don’t have to have a massive rock to indulge in an eye-