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YOUR LOOK hairstyles By Whitney Weatherington Wave After Wave Soft waves can provide just the right playfulness to perfect your spring season prom or runway ready hairstyle un, playful and carefree should be the first words that come to mind when you think of spring hairstyles. Most hairstyles in the spring are inspired by the fresh fashion trends that are in turn inspired by the weather changing around us. In the spring, it is time to let down the clas- sic up styles and let the hair flow more freely. Though the hairstyles are more relaxed, they are still well-suited for any formal occasion. Our model Jessica’s classic soft waves are perfect for the spring. This look is so current throughout the fashion industry, and it is always a great statement because it is also timeless. The hairstyle compliments any formal gown and is always stunning on any woman. Waves have been popular all over red carpet events and major magazines year after year. This look is one of my all-time favorites, because it reminds me of some of Hollywood’s most famous starlets of the 1940s and 50s. Most retro hairstyles tend to always stay in a rotation, just like fashion. The soft waves make most women feel like timeless beau- ties, and they are stunning on any woman. Although the look is a reflection of hairstyles from the past, it is still so fresh and young. I love to see it worn on occasions such as a prom. The soft waves are very easy to create. The main thing you do not want to do is go for perfect and stiff hair. The hair should look touchable and light afterwards. When creating the style, use a larg- er curling iron or hot rollers preferably no smaller than one-inch wide. Remember that the smaller the curl, the tighter the wave. The waves are achieved by creating basic curls and combing and brushing for your desired result. This is simple to create while seeming incredibly intricate. Prom is always a great occasion to wear this hairstyle, because prom fashion is fun and always youthful. What better way to show your style off than by letting your hair down? This hairstyle tends to be a standout at formal events because it isn’t a typical up style. The classic waves only add to your natural beauty and prom fashion. The style makes a statement and is certainly sure to turn heads. F PHOTOS BY TED WEST Model Jessica Michelle Buch, is the 5’9” hazel-eyed Miss Indiana Teen USA 2011. Jessica won the crown at age 15. She can be seen in this issue as a featured Pageantry & PromTime 2012 Fashion Showcase model [page 33]. Her school activities include; swim team, concert band, Latin club, iCare, 4-H Junior Leaders and her church youth group. Jessica’s career ambition is to be- come an orthodontist. She describes herself as enthusiastic, authentic and caring. Some of her hobbies include: showing horses, playing the flute, swimming, playing the guitar, dancing and making memories with friends. 30 PAGEANTRY