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pageantry interview ● cassidy wolf Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf is preparing for her next step, but between her amazing year in New York City and the serious circumstances she dealt with before, there’s nothing in her future that she can’t handle T he Miss Teen USA competition is usually what turns a young girl into a headline-maker, but that wasn’t the case for California’s Cassidy Wolf. Be- fore she’d even wear the crown of Miss Teen USA that would become the greatest accom- plishment of her young life, she had become an example for teenagers across the world not only because of the very ter- rifying and real problem with privacy invasion, but also be- cause of the incredibly brave way in which she handled the entire situation. In fact, while such a case might have lin- gered over her year as Miss Teen USA, Cassidy simply brushed her shoulders off and proceeded to make the sig- nificant impact that only the young women before her have ever been able to make. Now, as she stands on the horizon of being the Miss Teen USA that crowns her successor, Cassidy has new de- cisions to make and new life-altering events to face head on. She’s already planning on staying in New York City and finishing her school work as part of her crowning victory, but what lies beyond that ultimately remains up to her. Whatever she decides to do, there’s no doubt in the world that she will be able to handle it. Pageantry magazine: You’ll be going back to the Bahamas soon. Cassidy Wolf: I know, I’m really excited. I was actually in the office to plan my events for while I’m there and we have a lot of really fun things planned. It’ll be a good time. 44 PAGEANTRY PHOTO COURTESY OF LISA G. ARTISTRY The Leader of the Pack PM: What’s going through your mind as you prepare to go to the Bahamas to crown the next Miss Teen USA? CW: It doesn’t necessarily feel real. I’m kind of one of those people who likes to not think about things until the time comes, so right now I’m just trying to enjoy the last two months that I have. I get to go home to California, and it’ll be nice to be with my friends and family for a little bit be- fore I give up my title. Right now I’m just trying to enjoy the last moments, but I know that whoever I end up crown- ing is going to have an amazing year ahead of her, so I’m excited to see who that is going to be. PM: Of course, going back home, you’re going to see your dad, who wasn’t that much of a fan of pageantry the last time that we spoke. Has he come around? CW: It’s funny, because I talk to my dad a few times dur- ing the week, and he’s always asking me about normal peo- ple stuff, and I really appreciate that. He is definitely into it and loves hearing what I’m up to, but then again, he does- n’t worry about it too much, whereas my mom is following every event that I’m doing and what fans are saying to me, and things like that. PM: Looking back, what is the most vivid memory that you have of winning the title of Miss Teen USA? CW: I remember my reaction, and every time I see the pho-